Made a success in Paradise Hotel - Camilla Skalleberg does today

Camilla Skalleberg23, entered 2019 into a Paradise Hotel season that would go down in history.

This was the year then Marcelo Peña and Jesper Bengtsson ravaged the hotel, even though the saga ended with the boys not being friends today.

The 2019 season did not go well for hoes. Image source: Viafree

During the course of the season, the girls fell like furore for Marcelo and he was the last one left during the final Erica Lindberg. Marcelo then busted the ball for 500,000 leaving Erica out of luck.

Peña said he did it all to share the money with Jesper – which he never did.

The entire cast this year was colorful to say the least, and one of the standouts – it was Camilla Skalleberg.

Camilla Skallerberg was one of the participants in 2019. Image source: Viafree

Camilla Skalleberg: It happened then…”

But what really happened then? In the program, songbird Camilla told that she would probably have to study real estate for her after the recording, and that’s exactly what happened.

– I studied to be a real estate agent, completed my training and worked there for a month before I realized that it was unfortunately not for me. Then I started doing nails as a hobby while I was deciding whether to retrain as a preschool teacher or a primary school teacher, she tells News24 and continues:

– So now I’m studying to become a primary school teacher and doing nails on the side! I also sometimes think about trying to be a broker’s assistant, but it’s not something I’ve really decided on yet.

And how are the men doing? Are you in a relationship or are you single as a pringle?

– I am single and have been completely boyfriend-free for two years. But during the summer I started to enter the dating world again. So it’s kind of fun, but I’m totally single!

Camilla has also gone from brunette to blonde. Image source: camillaskalleberg/Instagram

How did life change after Paradise Hotel?

– Since I was on TV, I’ve probably become a bit lazy! In combination with being a student and getting paid collaborations at first, I became more and more comfortable with myself. Since then it has also been a bit difficult to date quite honestly. You never know if the guy just likes you because you were on TV and it feels a bit “exciting” or if they will see or hear something about me that affects their image of me before they even get to know me.

Camilla tells us that there are more things that have affected her everyday life after her TV appearance.

– I feel a certain pressure and performance anxiety in succeeding in life. It feels like I have to complete everything I talk about on social media, for example a started education. If I now choose to pause or completely drop out of my education, it feels like I’ve failed, even though it’s not really like that.

“Got a different view on social media”. Image source: camillaskalleberg/Instagram

– There are actually many more things that have been affected. I got a bit of social phobia after the season. It has finally started to subside over the last year as I started to change my habits. But I isolated myself quite a lot after the program because it somehow felt awkward that people out there knew who you were when, for example, you were just going out shopping. I basically didn’t leave the house for several months for a while and slept all day.

Camilla: “Got a different view of it”

Skalleberg says that, just like many others in the influencer/TV sphere, her view of social media has changed over time and that it ultimately only made her feel bad.

– My view on social media has changed! Previously, I thought it was very easy with, for example, Instagram. But after becoming a public figure, I’ve felt a completely different pressure about what I post, which has created some unnecessary anxiety. For a while I stopped taking pictures and updating completely because it just made me feel bad. So it has also taken a while to be able to see the fun in sharing stories and pictures, she says and continues:

Camilla can absolutely imagine being on television again. Image source: camillaskalleberg/Instagram

– I thought I needed to maintain a certain image of myself that was really just fabricated based on what I thought people wanted to see. But in connection with my well-being getting better since I changed my habits, I’ve also thought less and less about such things and it feels like I’ve more or less taken back my own platform and use it in a way that suits me! I think it’s also gotten better since I stopped worrying about losing followers, which you naturally do in the years after your season airs, says Camilla.

Will we see you on TV again? A little hungry, aren’t you?

– I can absolutely imagine being on TV again. In the past, I have turned down various programs because of studies, but now I feel that I am more ready to pause studies for a fun adventure if the right opportunity presents itself, she concludes.

Source: Then24

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