Macri anticipated that he would privatize pensions if he returns to the Government

Mauricio Macri reappeared and threw everywhere. Without a filter, the former president questioned the expansion of the Supreme Court and said that no one is going to want to invest in a country with a highest court “bigger than a soccer team”; he refused a possible meeting with Cristina Kirchner; outlined a plan for the AFJP to return and privatize Aerolineas Argentinas; and he assured that it is difficult to be opposition, because there is a government that “psychopats” them.

That the Court is not a football team

Within the first definitions, Mauricio macri He referred to the half sanction given by the Senate for the expansion of the Supreme Court from 4 to 15 members, with gender parity and a federal vision, and assured that “This type of law condemns the country to poverty, because investment lies in trust and trust is given by institutions”.

Macri assured that a country that has a Court does not generate trust “bigger than a football team”. Complicated sports metaphor, if you take into account the recent scandal unleashed by the judges and prosecutors who shared a court, cases where the vice president is investigated and matches in the fifth of the former president.

In addition, he assured that the initiative, supported by 35 senators and sealed by the absence of the opposition, “is a demonstration of the lack of awareness about the reality that the vice president has and his personal agenda, which has led to us being governed by people who came together to seize power again without an idea of ​​the future, without a plan, without a direction”.

Do not return with a “light populism”

Asked about a possible candidacy, macri He assured that he is happy where he is: “I am not speculating. I know the relationship I have with people and I appreciate it because they show it to me every day”, he pointed out.

“Today I feel that I am helping where I have to help, that there is clarity in ideas. The who is always important, but the why is more important than ever. We cannot go back believing that a light populism can be done. We have to be free in everything. We cannot continue to have a State that suffocates us, that burdens us with taxes, that steals our work,” he added.

The nod to the AFJP and the insistence on privatizing Aerolineas Argentinas

The former president also assured that in a “second time” he could promote a privatization of the pension system by weighting the AFJP system. The opponent did so by assuring that Kirchnerism “took a long time to demolish the country.” And he listed: “We had reserves, there were AFJPs that had saved money, there was gas and oil in quantity. All that disappeared.”

With the same tone, Macri valued the role of low cost airlines and said that they took Argentines “everywhere, at cheaper rates than Airlines.” Above the flag linesaid that the State allocates millions of pesos to sustain it and that “less than 40 percent of the people think that Airlines should continue to belong to the State.”

“Dialogue? No. For what?”

In another section of the interview, the former president, who revealed that he is preparing a book entitled “Why”, where he expands on his leadership experience, was reluctant to hold a meeting with Cristina Kirchner to calm the political tension that the country is experiencing, especially after the assassination attempt on September 1st.

If we’re going to sit down to talk about that agenda, let’s sit down. But if we are going to sit down and talk about how to tie up Justice, how to further demolish our institutional system, which is fragile, which is why we don’t have a level of investment like the one we should have for the potential of our people, No“, said.

Do not get carried away by a “progressive cynical discourse”

Macri also denied that the opposition and the media have a link with the political violence that exists in the country: “Don’t attack me anymore, they say. And they are the ones who attack. You are the ones who spread hate speech, who threw tons of stones. Is being against you preaching hate?

And he launched a particular message for his own: “There I tell our leaders that we have conviction, let’s not go backwards. Let’s not let ourselves run away with a cynical progressive discourse that has only brought poverty to Argentina”.

“Cavallo is right”

Finally, Mauricio Macri He assured that “unfortunately, nobody is governing” the country and that “Argentina is adrift.” Immediately, he agreed with the former Minister of Economy of Carlos Menem and Fernando de la Rúa: “Cavallo is right, we are on the verge of a rodrigazo”.

“Today what we have is a new player on the field who came from a secondary place in the coalition to have a certain role that creates patches every day without resolving any underlying issues. This is in a limit situation and there is no conscience ”, he launched against the current Minister of Economy, Serigo Massa.

Without much room for self-criticism, he concluded: “The course of these two and a half years has been to bury Argentina, destroy everything that we had managed to organize and improve. And the things that we had not managed to order made them worse. More poverty, more inflation, once again we are without reserves at the Central Bank. Either we restore it with the government next year or there is no future.”

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