Leif Mannerström does last "The master chef"

They compete in this year’s “Sweden’s Master Chef VIP”

Jesper Blomqvist, former soccer player

Yvonne Ryding, former Miss Universe

Kristoffer Triumf, podcaster

Karl Fredrik Gustafsson, TV profile

Gudrun Schyman, politician

Elsa Billgren, influencer

Ellen Bergström, actor and influencer

Erica Johansson, former track and field athlete

After ten years with “Sweden’s master chef” and two seasons of the celebrity version, Leif Mannerström is finished with the concept.

— It’s been a great time, but now that’s enough. Now someone else has to take over, he says.

“Not sentimental”

Leif Mannerström has turned 82. Behind him he has a more than 60-year-long career as a restaurateur and for about ten years also an alternative career as a television commentator. Nowadays, he invests in his own YouTube channel, but when he was asked to return as a judge to “Sweden’s master chef VIP”, he could not say no.

— I was asked to come back and we recorded the program in a fairly short time, which suited me. This will be the absolute last thing I do with the “Master Chef”.

TT: How did it feel to record and know it was the last time?

— I was set on it, and I also never look back at what has been. When I’ve sold a restaurant it’s a closed chapter, I’m not sentimental like that. But I will miss the team, we became like a family over the years.

He describes the recording of “Mästerkocken VIP” as imbued with a good atmosphere in the studio. And many of the participants made a big impression, says Leif Mannerström.

— Gudrun Schyman is incredibly nice and a real competitive person. Jesper Blomqvist is also a very nice guy and really on point. Really that smelly type, I must say. And Miss Universe (Yvonne Ryding), what a lovely girl! Then I don’t actually remember who won… But maybe it’s just as well, so I won’t reveal anything.

Butter appearance

The celebrity version differs from the original concept “Sweden’s Master Chef” in several respects. There are fewer participants, lower prize money for the winner – and less prestige overall.

— It’s not so dangerous if you go out, they’re already on dry land. In the usual “Masterchef” it’s bloody serious. There you have to be a little careful with how you express yourself, because it is so incredibly sensitive. When you have to vote someone out, it can be a tragedy for that particular person. That’s why I never enjoyed “Sweden’s youngest master chef”. It was nothing for me, I have grandchildren of that age myself.

Erica Johansson, Elsa Billgren, Gudrun Schyman, Karl Fredrik Gustafsson, Ellen Bergström, Jesper Blomqvist, Kristoffer Triumf and Yvonne Ryding compete in “Sweden’s master chef VIP”. Press photo.

He explains that Leif Mannerström has become popular with viewers despite his sullen appearance by saying that he is a softie deep down.

— I have learned to always be kind and polite to people. You don’t have to yawn and scream like Gordon Ramsay and others do, that’s the worst thing I know. A lot of people think I’m a hard person and I can be that in some cases. I probably have a bitter appearance. My God, you can be scared of yourself on a normal day if you look in the mirror.

TT: Have you heard of the term “resting bitchface”?

– No.

TT: It means that you look angry even though your face is neutral.

— It probably suits me, that I can look very serious when I sit and think. But hopefully no one was afraid of me in “The Master Chef”, there is a lot of humor in that show.

“Sweden’s master chef VIP” premieres September 26 on TV4 and TV4 Play.

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