"Kill whoever you want and hide the tracks"the recommendation of Agustina Díaz to Brenda Uliarte

August 27 Brenda Uliarte announced to her friend Agustina Diaz that he had ordered to kill Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and boasted with the phrase “today I become San Martín”. Uliarte spoke to him as if in ecstasy: “Do you know how afraid the presidents are going to be? I would like someone to send a message Telling the next person to do things wrong, I’ll also give him a corchazo (sic). I bank it…” Díaz, who appeared in his diary as “Love of my life”, replied: “GOOD, I don’t know. Kill whoever you want. And hide your tracks. Good catch wachaaaa”. “Yes, obviously I’m planning it. Recontra catches. They’re not going to catch me,” Brenda boasted.

East This section of the talks was put on the table this Thursday by one of the lawyers representing Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Marcos Aldazábal, when the hearing for the request for Diaz’s release was held in Room I of the Federal Chamber., since it would show that the young woman was not unrelated to the assassination plan. For the complaint, all the messages show Díaz’s participation in the event and that the procedural risks of granting his release are ostensible. In tune with this proposal, the cameramen Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens decided to keep her in prison after a few hours.

Díaz, in addition, had expanded his investigation on Wednesday to insist on detaching himself with the argument that she was not at the scene of the assassination attempt., on September 1, in the vicinity of the vice president’s house and that he had not seen Brenda for three months. Before the judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, she said, according to the statement to which she agreed Page 12: “Brenda is a very spiteful person. The first time we met after her son had died (had a baby who died a few days old) I was afraid that he would do something to me in the middle of the street because Brenda had started with witchcraft and mystical things that today’s adolescents are now, tarot and things like that. Right now I’m afraid of Brenda and also when I go outside what can I expect?

He also said that Uliarte had deleted a message in which he told him that “Sabag was an idiot for not having given her things.” He was referring to Fernando Sabag Montiel, in theory her boyfriend and who tried to shoot the vice president with a pistol. Bersa caliber 32. “She told me that Sabag knows how to shoot, that the moment played against her but that if it was her, the shot would not miss,” Díaz declared.

What Aldazábal sought to show is that In the entire context prior to the assassination attempt, Díaz was aware that Brenda had a weapon, what she was planning, he gave her advice to avoid responsibility and encouraged her.

The dialogues

August 27 was the day that the area of ​​Juncal and Uruguay, of Cristina’s home, woke up fenced by order of the government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. It was a Saturday in which mobilizations were called in different parts of the city in support of the vice president at the middle of the week of the plea by prosecutor Diego Luciani who had requested 12 years in prison for her in the “Road” trial. But the people ended up congregating in Recoleta, the Police of the City of Buenos Aires went out to repress and spy and in the middle of that Sabag Montiel was there. CFK spoke into the night from a stage set up a while earlier.

At 11:30 p.m. Brenda sent this message to Agustina: “Honey, today I’m turning into San Martín, I’m going to kill Cristina. Martin in the body”. At 11:55 p.m. she told him: “That son of a bitch got inside her before she put the bullet in him.” This coincides with an exchange she had with Sabag telling him that the moment had already passed, that there were few people left and that the Vice President had entered the building.

This is the whatsapp exchange between Brenda and Agustina.

–What happened? What did I miss? I was taking care of the bendi — he asks “Love of my life”.

–I ordered to kill Vice Cristina. She didn’t come out because she went inside. I swear I had a anger there. The liberals already have me re rotten going (sic) to become revolutionaries with torches in Plaza de Mayo. Enough talking, we have to act,” Brenda tells him.

–You did what? the friend asks.

“I sent a guy to kill cristi,” insists Uliarte.

–Bank. Good idea as well. How much did he charge you? Augustine asks.

–He did not charge me because he is also very hot with everything that is happening. I swear I’m going to lower that one. She has me re rotten that she is stealing and goes unpunished.

–You realize the mess you’re going to get into, right? They will look for you everywhere if they find out that you are an accomplice in the death of the vice president –Díaz warns.

“That’s why I sent someone,” Brenda retorts.

–Although yes, but who wouldn’t want to shoot that old chorea (sic) –says Agustina

–If it happens, I’ll go to another country and I’ll even change my identity. I’ve rethought it,” Uliarte tells him.

–Do you know how much twine you need for that? It is not command to kill and stupid country. They’re going to look for you anyway and the twine you need for all the paperwork,” the young woman warns him.

I have some money, acquaintances. I’m leaving but first I want to do something for the country. If they are all giles – she insists.

And that’s why they never do anything. No one cares what comes next — Diaz climbs in.

Do you know how scared the presidents are going to be? I would like someone to send a message Telling the next person to do things wrong, I’ll also give him a corchazo. I bank it. It is the price of liberating my country. I am a mine who lost her mother and her son. I’m not afraid of anything anymore –Brenda raises the bet.

– Kill whoever you want. And she hides tracks. Well, wachaaaa, she’s followed by Diaz.

-Yes obviously I’m planning it. catch up again They won’t catch me,” Brenda brags.

–Perfect –ends “Love of my life”.

On the night of September 1, Sabag Montiel finally tried to kill CFK. He fired twice, but the bullet had not entered the chamber. The gun was safe to fire, although he may have jammed the slide, even more so if he handled it with some nervousness. Brenda tried to communicate with Agustina Díaz that night, later, at 9:57 p.m.. This one sends him a message the next morning: “Hey, what’s up that you missed the shot? Didn’t you practice before or did the adrenaline of the moment fail you?” Some of the subsequent messages would have been deleted, but some were recovered. Agustina warns him that they are going to examine his cell phone and “as if you fell for it.” It is reconstructed that she would have taken her things from the monoambiente that she shared with him with a freight. “Love of my life” at the end she suggests: “you have to get rid of the cell phone” and “change your number”, “delete your account, everything”. In June, Brenda had also told him that she had the weapon, which according to the court she acquired.

Refusal to release

In a hearing this Thursday morning, Diaz’s defense team argued that there is no danger of escape and of obstruction of the investigation because the woman has no record, has roots, family, studies in progress, has no income of her own, and her relatives do not have means of escaping. The complaint said that there was a risk of obstruction because Diaz herself recommended that Brenda destroy evidence and effectively deleted messages were verified. The judge had already pointed out the seriousness of the act and the possible high penalty for attempted murder aggravated by treachery and premeditation and the use of a firearm as a secondary participant.

Bruglia and Bertuzzi said that there are relevant test measures pending, such as phone surveys and call exchange. “The magnitude of the fact and the institutional seriousness that it represents are negatively valued in this decision, taking into account that the proceedings are in a stage of collecting evidence that must be ensured in order to avoid any possible hindrance.” For this reason, they said, for the moment “the proposals of the court, the prosecution and the complaint are reasonable.” They added that it is possible that there are people who have not yet been detained. And they suggest to Capuchetti that he resolve the procedural situation of Díaz soon. Llorens agreed with the reasoning and focused on the high penalty that she could face if she is convicted and the danger of flight.

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