Bonum, the publisher they founded Elvira and Antonio Gremmelspachera reference in topics such as: education, neurosciences, inclusion, didactics, autism, games, spirituality and religion, promotes it as follows: “Going through its 286 pages, each one read with growing interest, the richness of those lives is discovered. And the respectful and loyal knowledge of the author is appreciated, who can go through his days with such lucidity, that he ends up turning the reader into one more character in the plot.”


The text

To give an example of Labaké’s clean and careful prose, here are some excerpts from the beginning of his recent novel:

“On a subject I have my doubts, after having spied on the author’s mind. He also has his doubts. I have discovered it as much as he has me. Obviously we are of the same human material.

The language!

I don’t know if you will find in the text a lot of “fuckin’”, a lot of “boludos” or “boludas”, and a lot of “send to hell” in the mouths of adolescents. Or the adults. Or a lot of “bullshit”. And it’s not because I live on another planet, or because I don’t know its spelling or phonetics. I get it and I realize that, if that language appeared, it would be for other reasons, but not for consuming fashion because it is fashionable. But it is a matter that I prefer to leave to you, the readers, when you meet us in the story. What I am sure of is that you will clearly understand, in each passage, what it is about. And they will be comfortable in those worlds without the need for a translator so that the adolescents recognize themselves, and so that the adults understand them.

I have ever heard him say, when it seems like Sherlock Holmes with his magnifying glass of the soul observing life in depth, “If we are left without good taste for good taste, the factual will be degraded without asking for authorization, and without our becoming aware. It will always be true that to live is to make a better life possible.”

I have desires, as if to put the icing on the cake, to tell you not to expect me to be a criminal, a serial killer, a rapist, a “gifted boy”, or a “good guy” who walks stepping on eggs and who looks without seeing.

I think it will be a good entertainment to spend reading time together. Every reader will see me through his eyes, and I hope we can end up friends. I from my loyalty, and each reader from his.

My name is Lucas.

How is my life?

Now we will get to know each other.

I wanted to live!

Like those fertile lands that yearn to be wheat fields and harvests.

Like those unconfessed but powerful longings to drink up your whole life at once.

His brand-new high school achievements had awakened a volcano of dreams in his soul. It is impossible to be a teenager and not dream. The teenager who has never dreamed, may have never really been a teenager.

Dreams that did not fit in his soul, and that is why he lived in a state of excessive and urgent illusions.

I wanted to live!

His parents, from a satisfactorily stabilized middle class, were looking for a way to help him channel that boiling lava that boiled in his guts.

They knew, as generously as ever, that they would not give up any effort to help him fly.

They did not admit seeing those ideals that illuminated their sky truncated.

Lights in the Labyrinth” is an inspired novel that shows with poignant realism the lives of adolescents in our time. Its transparent, agile, beautifully musical prose, full of moving metaphors, and the psychological depth of each character, adolescent or adult, make its reading a captivating delight for its main recipients, adolescents, and at the same time for parents and educators who they must meet those children or those students who populate our time. With which, beyond becoming an extremely pleasant and enriching personal reading, it will surely end up being a highly significant instrument in the classroom.

With a cleanliness worthy of the author’s mature vision of the world, Julio César Labaké, a sufficiently well-known author, unfolds the vicissitudes of boys who must face, with the resource of the values ​​of their loyalty to life, the problems and prejudices of an era that is demanding human solutions and not uncontrolled boasts of an unthinking imagination. But always faithful to the unrestricted respect for pluralism in a world of diversity.

The pleasure that is experienced during its reading is highly ponderable, and the well-being that is found at the end of its pages, which have not left room for the slightest hint of cheap shots or literary mannerisms in search of any benefit, and yes all the respect for life, the precious gift that reigns in its measured pages. (…)”.


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