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Dr. Dang Tran Hao

All diseases start from within our body and mind caused by false thinking, not being honest with ourselves, and improper eating.

Eating and drinking need to be careful, depending on the customs and habits of each country, locality and individual preferences. (Illustration: Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

If we live naturally, in accordance with the harmonious laws of the universe, we rarely get sick.

Oriental medicine says, “Illnesses are imported, diseases are brought in by mouth.” Right. Eating and drinking need to be careful. Depending on the customs and habits of each country, locality and the preferences of each individual, and the choice is suitable for taste and body condition (to avoid allergies and to facilitate digestion…).

There are three main types of food:

Sugar like flour, rice flour, corn…

– Protein (protein) such as meat, animal protein and vegetable protein such as tofu, nuts …

And fats (lipids).

At the same time, there are vegetables and fruits that are both fillers containing many essential vitamins.

In addition to those three foods, people must eat enough, just right, not too much, too little.

According to today’s science, a person’s basic metabolism is about 2,000 calories, 9 calories fat, 4 calories sugar. Thus, a person’s basic metabolism per day is only 75 grams of meat, 88.8 grams of fat and 255 grams of sugar. Basic metabolism is metabolism at rest, from which to increase and decrease food to suit each person’s health.

When cooking food, we use spices for the purpose of increasing body activity and perfecting digestion such as ginger to warm the stomach, onions, lemongrass to sweat and diuretic, cloves to ventilate even the stomach. bare skin, galangal to disinfect gas, chili to stimulate taste, turmeric to unclog the gallbladder, especially to fight allergies, garlic to disinfect, fight fat in the blood and increase vitality to help regulate the urinary tract … All are good, should be used in moderation, too much is harmful.

If we do not eat enough calories and foods that are not pure, have many toxins or chemicals, the body becomes weak and can not resist the invasion and impact of bacteria and viruses. bacteria, then diseases appear.

The root cause of disease is not much the external agents of germs and bacteria, but only the unclean substances we eat, drink and breathe every day that bring into the body that are caused by the Improper digestion and excretion.

How do we eat healthy? This is a very essential question for our lives. There are many people who often say that they eat in moderation and in the right way. But the concept is opposite, making us bewildered, not knowing what is right and what is wrong?

We see a lot of debate based on the following essential foods: meat, fish, bread, cheese, fruit, fresh vegetables, cooking oil, eggs, milk, sugar…

The Faculty of Yoga divides them into three categories according to the average value such as white rice being the best, while red rice is ranked bad. But for the nursing student Professor Ohsawa, who is a vegetarian in Japan, thinks that red rice is the best, milk and white rice is worse.

Today’s practice begins with the development of the body, for the body is the vehicle in our journey to the ultimate goal of consciousness filled with eternal bliss. And as we grow our bodies, we must pay special attention to the foods we eat. Because these foods have profound effects on all aspects of human development: body, mind and spirit.

So what should we eat right? Surely you will also agree with me that eating and drinking depends on each country, customs, practices, religion, conception, and physicality of each person, which changes and is appropriate for each case.

It is impossible to have complete agreement from country to country, from country to religion, from religion to religion, on the fundamental question, what is healthy to eat? The answer is only relative and general.

Vegetables and fruits are a very good source of potasium, minerals, vitamins and fiber, most of which have a lot of fat and nutrients. (Illustration: Rodrigo Arangua/AFP via Getty Images)

Thus, eating properly and relatively is a must follow but basic hopes to enhance health:

1-What is eating according to taste?

Taste is very good to guide what to eat good for our body. Practice and develop your sense of smell and sense of smell, which will help you discover foods that are right for your body. If we only eat foods that are considered good, without listening to the magic of the body, it is also flawed. The food we eat needs to taste and be approved by the body, to be healthy.

Whatever food we crave, we eat it, which means our body needs those foods.

2-Have to pay attention to food

Digestion is the reflection of the mind. So many digestive diseases are caused by stress. If we eat while angry, frustrated, digestion will be difficult, even though we eat good food.

If we eat while watching the news on TV or talking about business, then we don’t pay attention to what we eat, how our body takes care of the food we bring in. It won’t perfect digestion because we didn’t pay attention to it.

3-We have to eat a variety of foods

They should not eat the same food from day to day, day after day, they must know how to change food and foods that are full of nutrients, minerals, starch, fat, protein, sugar…

And to change the way of eating, the best way is not to eat too much of any kind of food.

It is known that peanuts often contain aflatoxin, and carcinogens are found in peanuts and some nuts. But that doesn’t mean we eliminate peanuts from our food. We should not eat it all the time and in large quantities.

We’d better choose foods from a wide variety than focus on what we like.

4-Eat fresh food

Dried, canned, and frozen foods are used to prepare daily meals, these foods often contain sugar and salt, and are high in fat. Eating these foods often doesn’t taste like fresh food. If we pay attention to taste and develop our sense of smell, it will help us to stay away from canned food instead of fresh food.

5- You should eat vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are a very good source of potasium, minerals, vitamins and fiber, most of which have a lot of fat and nutrients. Usually, women eat more fruits and vegetables than men. There are some gentlemen who only eat meat.

Fiber is very necessary for the body, in meat and fish there is absolutely no fiber, but fiber will drag fat, cholesterol, and cancer cells along the large intestine and out. If we eat less fiber, there are many chances of getting cancer.

6-You should eat when you are a little hungry

Research shows that animals that feed less than they require on a daily basis live longer and suffer less disease.

Today, there are many research scientists who say that you should eat slightly hungry, have health and live longer. It’s easy to say, but few people practice this.

7-What is a balanced diet?

We’ve heard so many times about balanced eating that we don’t want to hear any more. But what is a balanced diet? Dietary balance is based on three components: sugar (carbohydrate), fat (fat), protein (protein). According to Dr. Barry Sear, a Nobel laureate, the ideal ratio is:

-40% sugar (carbohydrate).

-30% fat (fat).

-30% protein (protein).

It will help keep the body from getting fat and keep it slim.

8-What is your experience with food?

The only way, we have to find out for ourselves what foods will help our health by eating experiences, trying new foods and combining a variety of foods.

In our body there are also weak points, or what can be called alarm points. When we eat and drink foods that are not suitable for the body, they will alert us such as pain, itching, pimples, headaches, dizziness …

Therefore, we must find a way to eliminate foods that are not suitable for the body, in order to be healthy and prolong life.

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