Cold nights can be felt, especially in apartments where the temperature is kept cool. For this reason, the heating season has already started. If your radiator is still cold you should think about venting it. It is worth taking care of its proper operation in order to use the maximum heat. You need a few things.

If your radiators are cold or only slightly warm, even though the heating season has already started, it is very possible that they have become air-tight. In this case, the heat is not distributed over the radiator or it happens unevenly. How to recognize such a fault apart from temperature? You may hear clattering and noises.

Remember that failure to vent the radiator can lead to further faults. Plus, it’s a waste of money – energy reaches the radiator, but no heat is released into the room. Make sure to deal with it as early as possible. You can do it with the help of a professional, but we will show you how to do it yourself.

Bleeding the radiator – how to do it?

Bleeding the radiators takes only a few to several minutes and you can do it yourself without any problems. It all depends on the location of the radiator and its construction. They can be manual or automatic. The former are adjusted with a special wrench or a screwdriver or flat screwdriver. Automatic radiators are self-venting.

If you need to bleed the radiator by hand, take a suitable tool and a bowl and a towel and put it under the radiator. They should catch water flowing out of the breather. To bleed the radiator better, turn off the valve. Then gently unscrew the screw, most likely located on the hot water pipe. You will hear a hiss and water will start leaking after it. Then tighten the screw.

Ready! Now you can enjoy fully warm radiators.

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