Horacio Rodriguez Larreta urged this Friday to “work to retrieve the federalism” on the Argentina. The head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires and pre-candidate a President for him PRO He made this statement during a visit he made to the province of currents. In coastal territory, Rodríguez Larreta appeared together with the local governor, the radical Gustavo Valdes.

During the ceremony, held in the Yellow Room of the Government House in Corrientes, the leaders signed the Reciprocal Cooperation Agreement between both districts. In this context, Rodríguez Larreta stated that the government of the Frente de Todos “has built the unitarianism”. It is from this idea that he brought up the issue of federalism.

“The provinces end up being more dependencies of the National governmentwhen they should be autonomous”, objected Rodríguez Larreta, and called for us to “work together to rebuild the federalism in Argentina”. Along these lines, he added that “the people of Corrientes have to rebuild the development model for the people of Corrientes themselves.”

Rodríguez Larreta on co-participation

And he argued that “it cannot be that the provinces have to ask bureaucrats in Buenos Aires to build 50 homes or roads.” “We have to re-discuss co-participation, the great distribution of resources occurs with co-participation, the National Constitution says so and we are not complying with it,” Rodríguez Larreta said self-critically -and appealing to the other leaders-.

Among other issues, the mayor of Buenos Aires referred to inflation and insecurity that “anguish Argentines.” He affirmed that these are questions that have a solution and questioned the -in his words- “improvisation” of the management of Alberto Fernandez. Likewise, he assured that the expansion project of the Supreme Court of Justice will not be approved “by the unity of the opposition in the Camera of deputies”.

Criticism of the soybean dollar

On the other hand, the head of the Buenos Aires Government questioned that “a plan was launched with the 25-day soybean dollar, when Argentina needs a 25-year plan.” And he pointed out: “We need to give Argentina a direction: because of the war, today the world demands Argentine food, we have to take advantage of these opportunities and for that we need a long-term plan, not this improvisation,” he pointed out.

The World Mayors Summit is coming

On the other hand, Rodríguez Larreta anticipated the World Summit of Mayors C40. This event will take place between October 19 and 21 in the Federal Capital. On this, he specified that the meeting this Friday in Corrientes with representatives of “more than 70 cities from all over the country, is focused on climate change, improving management to live better,” he said.

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