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Tested heating belt against abdominal pain

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Warming belts promise quick relief for abdominal, stomach and back pain. Do the heating belts really help? And what is the best product for you? You can find all the answers in our heat belt test.

Pain in the abdomen, stomach or back can quickly become a burden in everyday life. Heat patches like those from thermal pad or SOS are practical for on the go, but quickly end up in the garbage after use. That doesn’t exactly make heat patches sustainable. Heat belts, on the other hand, are much more environmentally friendly, and there are a wide variety of models. So that you can get a good overview, we have taken a close look at different heating belts and present you with the advantages and disadvantages in the test.

What is a heat belt?

Warming belts are a good aid for pain in the back, stomach or abdomen and a healthy alternative to medication. Similar to heat plasters, cherry pit pillows or hot water bottles, heat belts offer deep heat and are placed around the lower back or abdomen like a kidney belt. The heating belts are now available in a wide variety of designs. These include those that require electricity or others that are made of warming material and do not require any additional energy. There are also deviations in terms of size, closure and heat levels.

Heat belt: The different features





electric heat belt

  • The belt is equipped with heating elements that are electrically heated.
  • The temperature can be regulated.
  • The heating time can be programmed.
  • The heat belt requires electricity and should definitely have overheating protection.
  • Freedom of movement, but only with a battery
  • constant heat output
  • Temperature is often adjustable
  • high heat output
  • only operational if there is a socket nearby or the battery is charged

material to be heated

  • This type of heat belt includes natural fillers such as peat or grains that can be heated in the microwave.
  • Unfortunately, the temperature cannot be regulated.
  • Depending on the filling material, the heat belt cools down faster than an electric model.
  • allows freedom of movement
  • Temperature cannot be regulated
  • not as powerful as electric heat belts

warming material

  • These are thermal belts made of warming materials such as angora or merino wool.
  • The heat belt can be worn all day long and requires no electricity or microwave.
  • allows freedom of movement, even outside the home
  • consists mainly of natural materials
  • can also be used for cooling
  • Temperature cannot be regulated
  • cools down faster

Disposable heat belt

  • Is for single use only.
  • When the pack is opened, the pad is activated by contact with the air and heats up.
  • Reaches a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius.
  • allows freedom of movement
  • quickly ready for use
  • requires no electricity
  • for single use only
  • If used regularly, it is expensive and not sustainable

Heat belt test: These are the criteria

If you have never dealt with the topic, buying a heat belt can quickly become confusing. Which function is essential, how many temperature levels should there be and which material is the best? Based on these and a number of other criteria, the choice quickly becomes a success.

  • Heat belt type: Above we have already explained the different types of heat belts. But which one is right for you? If you need the heat belt for at home, electrical heat belts or those whose material is heated are recommended. However, if you want to wear your heat belt mostly on the go, a belt made of warming material is advisable. If you don’t just want to wear your heat belt while sitting, you should definitely opt for a wireless model.
  • which size should a good heat belt have? Most heating belts come with a Velcro fastener. This is particularly practical because the belt can be adjusted to the waist size. With regard to the width, it depends on which parts of the body are to be warmed. You are on the safe side with a width of about 30 centimeters. This is perfect for warming the lower back but also helps with menstrual cramps.
  • For users who wear the belt directly on the skin, that is certainly important material a major role. Basically, we recommend natural materials such as cotton, merino wool or angora wool. Warming belts that are heated in water have a plastic cover. However, most of them come with a fabric cover, which is also made of natural material in the best case.
  • AC adapter or battery? You will ask yourself this question when you decide on an electric heat belt. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Rechargeable batteries offer more freedom of movement, while power packs are ready to use. Decide what is more important to you.
  • Temperature: The most powerful are electric heat belts. Here the temperature reaches up to 55 degrees Celsius. With battery operation, the performance can be slightly lower. The temperature of the other heat belt types is also slightly lower.
  • Electric heat belts should be a automatic switch-off as well as one overheat protection to have. So you can fall asleep confidently and prevent overheating.

Heat Belt Test: Which Heat Belt is Best?

Comfier heating belt

Of the Comfier heating belt is a seller on Amazon. This is an electric heating belt that is intended to help with abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, stomach problems and back pain and to promote blood circulation. In addition to the deep heat, there is also a vibration massage, which relieves tension and sore muscles. Here are the most important properties at a glance:

  • Heats up within a minute
  • Two adjustable heating levels
  • Can be used with or without vibration massage
  • Adjustable strap that is up to 30 centimeters long
  • Protection against overheating and an automatic switch-off function

Beurer heating pad

That heated cushions from Beurer is suitable for use on the stomach and back and consists of a velvety soft Oeko-Tex certified material. It’s even machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius. This is also an electric heat belt. Here we have summarized the most important points:

  • The heating belt has a wide elastic band including a Velcro fastener and is therefore adjustable in size.
  • Overheating protection and automatic switch-off
  • Three temperature levels with rapid heating

Vulpé’s Belly Belt

Of the Vulpé’s Belly Belt is an intelligent, heatable warming belt. The temperature can be adjusted via smartphone or with a button. The only catch: The device requires a 5V/2A power bank, which is not included. In addition, the heat belt is primarily intended for stomach and abdominal pain, as it is only heated in the front area. Here is an overview of all properties:

  • maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius
  • Control via smartphone
  • Voice control for Apple iOS
  • Timer with automatic switch-off function
  • Equipped with soft teddy fabric, which offers ideal wearing comfort

The Female Company heat pack

In which The Female Company heat pack It is a model that can be heated up in the microwave or in the oven within a few minutes. The belt cushion is filled with an organic spelled mix and the cover is made of soft GOTS-certified flannel. Here is all the important information at a glance:

  • Vegan, PETA-approved & even compatible with wheat allergies.
  • The belt can easily be tied with a knot.
  • During the application you remain mobile and do not need a battery or power connection.

ITODA back warmer

This heat belt simply provides warmth with its material. In this way, the waist, stomach and back can always be kept warm, even when you are out and about. Skin-friendly and soft fabrics are used for the belt, which feels comfortable and breathable when worn. Here are all the important properties:

  • Velcro to adjust the length of the belt to your own needs.
  • Soft, comfortable plush lining
  • Breathable and no pressure when wearing


If you have abdominal or back pain, a heat belt certainly won’t do any harm. So that you really get something out of your heating belt, you should not buy the first model that comes along, but familiarize yourself with your needs beforehand. When do you want to wear the heat belt and what pain should it relieve? Once this question has been clarified, nothing stands in the way of the investment.

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