“We have nothing against those who have the most, but we do have a desire for social justice,” the Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson defended this Friday, Elizabeth Rodriguez, about the announced tax on “millionaires”. Rodríguez has endorsed the words hours before the president, Pedro Sanchezwho in New York recalled the reaction of Olof Palme when ronald reagan he asked if he was going against the rich. He replied that his goal was to end inequality, not wealth.

Interviewed on RNE, the minister justified the rate in which “those who have the most” must “contribute to keeping our country on its feet and not continuing to suffer those of always”. Rodríguez has denied both that it is a reaction to the announcement of the abolition of the Wealth Tax in Andalusia – “the Government is not in an electoral key, it is in managing”, he has assured – nor a change of criteria since until just a few weeks it denied this tax to its coalition partner. “What has changed -she has said- are” the circumstances “.

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“When circumstances change, responses must be changed. This war is long and its consequences will continue to be there. We must invest in the people who need it most,” justified the spokeswoman, who has not revealed the formula for raising the tax burden on the rich. She will be the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, whoever does it at the time, has said. The routes, we detail this Friday in EL ESPAÑOL, are two: a state surcharge on the Wealth Tax or an increase in the high sections of the IRPF.

“We need a protective state”

“We socialists are going to ensure that inequalities are not widened,” Rodríguez continued. “Fiscal policy is used as a slogan and it is something very serious. We do not have a little machine to make money; we are all that machine and proportionally who else has more has to contribute”. For the minister, the PP “is revealing what its priority is”, which in her opinion are “the big corporations”. And “talking about taxation”, she thinks, “is talking about how many students per teacher; it is whether we want a doctor to attend us in a rural environment; it is how much we want to allocate to VT for the future of youth”.

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Rodríguez understands that “we are in an exceptional moment” in which the main opposition party is not cooperating. “The pandemic has taught us the need for a protective State and we have regained awareness of what is important,” he said, emphasizing – as the Minister of the Presidency did this Thursday, Felix Bolanos– that the Community of Madrid and Andalusia are the regions that invest the least in Health and Education and among those that most demand greater regional financing and funds from Europe.

Asked about the criticism of the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garcia-Page, to the “companies” of the Government, Rodríguez has preferred not to comment, considering it “an anecdote”. “We play so much that it is better to talk about what is important and what is urgent and not stay in nuances. They are his words and I am not here to interpret them,” he settled.

Source: Elespanol

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