Mexico. – East friday september 23 of 2022, the price of fuels in Mexico, registers an increase in national average value of Premium gasoline, which can register a change in the municipal and state value. It should be noted that on this day the SHCP will inform what will be the fiscal stimulus that it will grant to gasoline and diesel for the week of the 24th to the 30th of the month.

Today the national average price remains as follows, green gasoline or (Magna), $21.80 on the other hand, the red or (Premium), is appreciated in $23.84Meanwhile he diesel it is sold in $23.48 pesos per liter of fuels.

It is important to remind users that the gasoline pricemay present a variation depending on the location in the country, due to factors such as the distribution and logistics of the fuel, as well as the international price of oil and the taxes implemented.

That is why we share with you a list of the fuel prices by Mexican statewith the objective that you can analyze the cost of these at the national level, which is based on an average price of the country.

Fuels in Mexico today:

  • Mexico City (CDMX):

Large $22.35

Premium $24.78

Diesel $23.55

  • New Lion:

Large $22.55

Premium $24.92

Diesel $23.55

  • Jalisco:

Large $22.27

Premium $24.55

Diesel $23.59

  • Sinaloa:

Large $22.46

Premium $24.23

Diesel $24.17

  • Lower California:

Magna $21.07

Premium $23.73

Diesel $22.39

  • Chihuahua:

Magna $20.43

Premium $22.79

Diesel $23.41

  • Coahuila:

Large $21.58

Premium $24.05

Diesel $23.67

  • San Luis Potosi:

Magna $22.1

Premium $24.01

Diesel $23.72

  • Michoacan:

Magna $22.08

Premium $24.1

Diesel $23.73

  • Guanajuato:

Large $21.86

Premium $24.35

Diesel $23.43

  • Gentleman:

Large $21.15

Premium $23.21

Diesel $22.89

  • State of Mexico (Edomex):

Magna $21.69

Premium $23.99

Diesel $23.2

  • Puebla:

Large $21.22

Premium $23.19

Diesel $22.9

  • Vera Cruz:

Large $21.52

Premium $23.29

Diesel $23.19

  • Warrior:

Magna $22.83

Premium $24.31

Diesel $24.21

  • Tabasco:

Large $21.34

Premium $22.91

Diesel $23

  • Yucatan:

Magna $22.07

Premium $23.94

Diesel $23.71

  • Oaxaca:

Magna $22.43

Premium $24.01

Diesel $24.03

  • Chiapas:

Magna $21.73

Premium $23.41

Diesel $23.39

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In the same way, if you are interested in knowing the price of fuel within your municipality, you can enter the website of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)where you will find more information.

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