Loved by all, comedian, actor, musician and children’s entertainer: the family of Carlitos Bala confirmed this Friday the sad news of his death. He was an artist who captivated children and adults and that will remain in the memory of more than a generation with its unforgettable characters and iconic phrases.

Balá was admitted to the Güemes Sanatorium, where he was hospitalized for some pain and dizziness. “We are devastated but united and that’s how he left, with the family united and a lot of love“, confirmed his granddaughter Laura Gelfi. Messages of affection and affection began to arrive from all areas, actors, politicians and various institutions.

The historic inventions of Carlitos Balá

Carlitos Balá was, deep down, a great inventor. His enormous creativity and skill led him to give life to more than a dozen popular phrasesknown throughout the country and characters that are not far behindalthough, of course, sometimes they are not seen with such quality, as is the case with Angueto, the invisible dog.

Angueto was born in the United States, when Balá visited a Disney store and found a rigid strap. Right away she came up with the dog joke. “A tourist who was next to me was scared and I liked the idea because I thought he could be a good character,” the humorist said in an interview. The name was given by his daughter Laura who, when she was a girl, was called “anguetita”.

He also embodied great characters like Undecidedthat it is necessary to continue debating whether to buy a product “today, or perhaps tomorrow, better today, than perhaps tomorrow, today…”; Petronil, for whom Argentina is too small and has to buy two more numbers; Y misery“a serious case, which spends the day trying to achieve the maximum economy”.

Balá also created dozens of iconic phrases, such as “sumbudrule”, “Angueto stay still” and a true classic: “What does salt taste like?”.

The story of this last gag arose during the summer of 1969 on the beaches of Mar del Pata, when the humorist was trying to get a few words out of a child playing in the sea and, about to give up, he says: “The sea It tastes like salt, but what does salt taste like? And yes, “salty!”, he replied.

There are also catchphrases such as “faster than a firefighter”, “right now and without changing platforms”, “stay calm and sleep without a blanket”, “but listen to me, sir”, “ea-ea-ea pe-pé” , “a little gesture of an idea?”, “fabulous”, and “there is a kilo and two rolls”, among many, many more.

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