European Super Cup with the participation of the MLS club.  What is UEFA up to?

British source The Guardian claims that UEFA is working on the option of creating a new tournament that will replace the European Super Cup. Why is this needed? Who will benefit from this? Who will participate?


UEFA currently insists on a mini-tournament system of four teams that will meet first in the semi-finals, and then the main match will take place. The primary goal of such an idea is to increase the number of meetings, which subsequently provides more profit.


Previously, two clubs competed for the European Super Cup: the winner of the Champions League and the winner of the Nations League. The third participant in the new tournament is expected to be the Champion of the Conference League. But who will be fourth?

Anyone could have been expected to be among the last invitees, but UEFA is ready to go for a crazy idea by inviting a club from the MLS (American Football League). And the question arises: what side will the US team appear in the European tournament? Why exactly the MLS team, and not the winner of the Copa Libertadores or the Asian Champions League, for example? On the one hand, it would be more like a club world championship, but on the other hand, it is also difficult to justify the appearance of a club from across the ocean.

In fact, the reason for the emergence of MLS is simple and lies on the surface. Money is the main motivator of such ideas. The American audience is huge and highly paying, which means that the income from three matches will be many times greater than from a single meeting in the classic European Super Bowl.


The MLS is great in terms of show, spectacle, infrastructure and money-making ability, but the American league can’t compete with the European league in any way. Even at the local most prestigious club tournament, the CONCACAF Champions League, American and Canadian clubs rarely have something to oppose to stronger and more stable colleagues from Mexico.

No matter how the level of MLS has progressed, it is still a great platform for making money or for springboarding into European clubs, but there are still no balanced clubs in it that could “wrestle” with the best representatives of the Old World.

UEFA bosses instantly drowned the idea of ​​the Super League, frightened by the most powerful outflow of money from the organization, but at the same time they themselves are not averse to earning more at any opportunity, even where it looks completely inappropriate.

The conditional match between Real Madrid and Orlando attracts exclusively American fans and sponsors, but will be of little interest to fans from Europe, for whom the result of the meeting will be obvious. I would be happy to be wrong, but my words are confirmed by the ratings of the aforementioned club world championship, which is completely uninteresting to the European audience before the final, and not many people watch the decisive match either.

Source: Sovsport

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