Dmitry Selyuk: Why play in Bishkek?  It is better to play with the RPL legionnaires' team - this is a full stadium

Football agent Dmitry Selyuk is skeptical about this game and offers another option for the national team.

– I think that a trip to Bishkek is a waste of money. What gives this match to our players, with all due respect to the opponent?

I propose another option: to play two matches with the national team of RPL legionnaires. We have enough foreigners to put together a good team.

Therefore, you can play two matches in the provinces – for example, in Nizhny Novgorod and Voronezh. Full stadiums are guaranteed, huge interest from the fans. And the RFU, instead of spending on a trip to Bishkek, will also earn money.

– Why two matches?

– Even legionnaires can be recruited for a full application. After all, almost none of them are called up to their national teams, which means they will sit at home these days. And the window for the matches of the national team is quite large. There are 25 people in the national team in the application, a team of legionnaires can also be recruited for two compositions. Two matches – to check all the collections and let all legionnaires play.

– Matches of the hosts against legionnaires are not a novelty, this has been practiced in basketball for a long time. But legionnaires should be trained by a foreigner. Now there are four foreign coaches in the RPL, it seems. Goncharenko is not considered. Who should lead such a team?

– I would Zeljko Buvaca appointed, although he is a sports director. He’s a seasoned professional and would definitely do it.

There is one more idea. In the window for national teams to play matches of the new tournament. For example, let it be a conditional League Cup. During these breaks, teams play two rounds each.

In anticipation of your question, that no one will need this cup. The answer is: what if we establish a decent cash prize, for example, 1 billion rubles?

– Where does this money come from, who will give it?

– There are many powerful corporations in Russia, 100 million will chip in, so there will be a billion. The winner receives, say, 400-500 million, further in descending order. For such a prize, no one will play the fool on the field, they will fight seriously.

– If the RFU read our note, they might think about it. You gave them food for thought.

– I just shared my ideas.

Source: Sovsport

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