Alex Kaffie and Laura Bozzo fight during a live program: he called her "larva" and her "hypocrite"

A new fight occurred during one of the recent live broadcasts of the program “Sale el sol” in Imagen Televisión, but on this occasion Gustavo Adolfo Infante did not participate. the television hosts Alex Kaffie and Laura Bozzo told each other their “truths”. He is also an entertainment journalist he called her “larva” and “fanged”, while she branded him a hypocrite and a brute.

the controversial Laura Bozzo, of Peruvian origin, was a guest on “Sale el sol” on the occasion of the upcoming premiere of her new program on Imagen Televisión. Among several things, she is called “lawyer of the poor”, spoke about his participation in the reality show “The house of the famous” from Telemundo. “Doesn’t he feel down that he was almost in the final and he was left without a crown? He was left without a crown, and that burns!”, He said alex kaffiecomment that originated the fight.

Joanna Vega-Biestro mentioned that despite having been one of the favorites to win, the public would have stopped supporting her by speaking ill of several women. Given this, Laura Bozzo made it very clear that she was not a hypocrite, like Alex Kaffie. “I said what I thought at that time because of the things I heard, I’m neat, I’m not going to be a hypocrite, yes, no, just like this one.”

When Laura Bozzo pointed out that the participants of “The house of the famous” did not have any script, Alex Kaffie told her that she was very fanged“you are not going to tell us that there was no script and stuff, you knew that also being a controversial character who made fun of the others, who dragged them along, outside there was expectation”.

Subsequently, Alex Kaffie asked Laura Bozzo which of the “disgusting things” she said, against several of her companions from “The House of Celebrities”, did she regretto which the television host expressed:

“You also throw crap out of your mouth, that is, don’t come to tell me, now I’ll answer you. I’m not talking about disgusting things, but I have a problem, I don’t know if you have it similar, and I recognize it on camera and I recognized in ‘The House of Celebrities’, I am a person who is often right, but the way I say things destroys all the reason that I have”.

Towards the end of the interview, Laura Bozzo commented that she is still “a beast, a mummy, an animal and a brute” (insults that she usually receives). “I’m not going to change that, but the tone is what one changes, for example, you said: ‘you have to use the ‘Sale el Sol’ forum because it doesn’t have a forum in Image’, you know why I don’t have nor forum because I stand in a garbage dump or wherever and I do a rating, because I do the rating.

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Given this, Alex Kaffie called the Peruvian “larva”saying that one of the episodes of his new program would be called, “the obese is removed, the larva is not.” “Miss Laura” was not silent, to which she replied that he was a brainless brute“I love being a larva and I’m also going to do another one that says: ‘you rejuvenate yourself with money, but no one takes the brute away from me’, there is no brain or talent transplant”.

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