What is 'coduching', the new fashion practice between couples that comes from Switzerland

After the colivingthe co-workingthe wardrobing or the nesting he arrives codeching. We live in curious times in which terms that sound very cool contain social realities that are difficult to digest: we are in crisis and we are poorer than previous generations. The energy crisis suffered by Europe as a result of the war in Ukraine has unleashed a saving fever. And what might seem like a term coined and promoted by the networks or the media, in reality, comes from a recommendation from high political circles.

She was the Swiss Environment Minister, Simonetta Sommarugawho proposed that citizens shower as a couple as an energy-saving measure at the gates of winter, the time of year when there is greater demand for gas and electricity.

The recommendation of this minister generated a wave of criticism, headlines, comments and memeswhich forced Sommaruga to appear again to clarify that the shared shower is not suitable for all audiences and that it is an action aimed more at young people.

But this was not the only measure that the minister put on the table. She also talked about lowering the temperature in homes, turning off lights that are not needed, and also unplugging computers that are not being used. As expected, the idea of ​​the shared shower was the most controversial and discussed among the announcements of the energy saving plan, to which many in Switzerland It has been described as “surreal”.

The editor of an important Swiss women’s magazine made an ironic comment on the subject, proposing other measures such as “make love in the morning after turning off the heating to be able to warm up.” And so, the debate has crossed borders.

This measure has come to Spain with the end of codeching, an occurrence whose origin is not entirely clear, but which has given much to talk about in recent days. To the point that a reporter from the program four a day got into in the shower in full direct with a woman to check if this measure was actually useful to save water. What has been talked about in networks is everything except the saving of that scene.

On Twitter, there are those who have criticized the measure with humor, such as the famous actress Ana Milan: “If you shower with your partner and save water, things are not going well. Hello”. In this line, memes and humorous comments have followed one another.

However, many other people have criticized the fact that is raised in the first paragraph of this text: enclosing in a bombastic term a romanticization of poverty. Many people have remembered the use of other similar terms such as nesting, do not leave home throughout the weekend; the friganismor take food from the garbage; wardrobing, buy clothes and return them after one use; or those already well known co-working Y colivingwhen we refer to sharing an office or flat to save.

Now, what has traditionally been conceived as a romantic or erotic gesture, is the new measure to save in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis.

Source: Elespanol

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