Wetlands Law: the opinion in Deputies was postponed for a week

As in the best intrigue series, The resolution of the opinion of the draft law of minimum budgets for the protection of wetlands was left for a next chapter. The suspense was in the air after three and a half hours where each of the 10 projects was presented. We will have to wait a week to know the final result of ua discussion that has lasted at least a decade trying to reach the premises of the Chamber of Deputies. In the same place and at the same time, the commissions for Natural Resources and Conservation of the Human Environment will meet again; Budget and Treasury; and Agriculture and Livestock, next Thursday 29.

This meeting was reached with an articulated work led by the official Leonardo Grosso and the opponents Enrique Estevez, from Santa Fe socialism, and Graciela Camaño, from Identidad Bonaerense. It all started at the committee meeting held on Friday, September 9, in the city of Rosario. They reached the Municipal Council compound due to the severity of the fires. There Grosso, as president of the Environment Commission, promised to put into treatment “the text agreed upon in the year 2020”, which lost parliamentary status with the legislative replacement. At that time it was ruled unanimously but only in the commission chaired by Grosso and after a series of informative meetings and the participation of more than 70 specialists and interested parties. He never managed to advance in the other three commissions that had been turned over. After the meeting they defined the strategy. Aware of the regulations, Camaño proposed to move forward with the request for location. This is a faculty that they have to vote on the premises on the day and time to start the treatment of a project. It is not the first time that this tool has been used to press for a debate; It already happened with rentals, single ticket and before with the Gross Income Tax. For this, at least 129 members are needed on the premises and thus enable the quorum; then a simple majority. Legislative parity between the majority blocs it imposes on the FdT the need to obtain at least eleven opposition votes.

Only the JxC interblock was missing from the conclave in Rosario. Although they have three projects for the protection of wetlands, from the ruling party they could not articulate with the head of the Agriculture Commission, in the hands of the opposition deputy Ricardo Buryaile. To avoid a possible rejection of the proposal if it emanated from the official caucus, they decided that Estevez be the one who asked to summon the commissions. And so it happened in the last session.

Aligning the planets

The ruling bloc met on Tuesday the 13th for the visit of the Chief of Staff and there it was agreed to move quickly in the treatment of the project in commissions, before the maelstrom of the 2023 budget begins. There are three government projects that promote the debate to reach to a majority opinion. The intermediate room they arrived at in plenary tries to unify all the texts.

JxC also has three projects that are cross-signed by members of the different blocks that are part of the opposition alliance. Some even signed the opinion in 2020. They demand that it also be debated with specialists and technicians in the Agriculture Commission to harmonize production and the environment. This is how the radical Formosan Buryaille made it known on Thursday, September 15 in the session when he was surprised by the summons request proposed by Estevez.

At the end of the committee meeting, he confirmed to this newspaper that they will work on their own opinion.

The decision to postpone the ruling for a week is based on a request from JxC to harmonize their differences because no one wants to be exposed to the rejection of a proposal that seeks to build an inventory and territorially order the areas defined as wetlands. That was heard in the discussion they held in the meeting room on Thursday afternoon. In an intermediate room where they met to define how to move forward, they finally agreed to bring proposals to modify the articles. The ruling party has 54 signatures for the majority opinion that will replicate the one that had been signed two years ago. But he intends to expand that margin in a work of consensus that will not stop until the very moment of his arrival at the venue.

The official rush is sustained by the pressure of the environmental organizations that took over the streets, but also because it is aware that at the end of November, with the World Cup in Qatar starting, it will be very difficult to summon locals and strangers to debate or meet. That is what Germán Martínez, president of the ruling bloc, is working on to achieve a series of meetings in the venue that will allow him to dispatch a dozen projects that are still pending. The wetland law is among the objectives set by the deputy for the province of Santa Fe.

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