Vivo lets us see its entire arsenal in Spain: we tested its folding, its tablet and its latest iQoo 10 Pro

It is difficult to make an international expansion of a company that, although successful in its native country, is unknown in the country of destination. That is the situation in which you are currently living, little by little making the European market.

We are not only facing obvious cultural differences but also different preferences when using mobile phones. The same mobile model, bought in China uses the Android operating system but with the layer Origin OS.

In Europewe are used to a less cluttered software version, with Google services pre-installed, and that is why they come with the FunTouch OS layer.

We have approached the vivo offices in Spain to be able to see devices that the company sells in China and they are top mobileslike its folding X Fold or the iQoo 10 Pro with its fast charge of 200W and 10 minutes from 0% to 100%.

Conquering the old continent with safe bets step by step

Before taking a look at the devices that have not been put up for sale in Europe and which, we tell you, are very high-end products both in terms of finishes and specifications, we are going to do a review of the brand’s history in Spain.

The company came up with a flagship in 2020. We are talking about the X51 Pro model that brought with it an innovative element in the camera, a gimbal-type stabilizer system.

It came at a fair market price, but it was one step behind in performance of the range top and it fell within the premium mid-range although with touches of top in some specifications.

Vivo’s X line is the most advanced and with it the company shows muscle, as it did with the x60 Pro model, in the top range in terms of specifications, although the X60 Pro+ model was kept, which did see the light in other markets in collaboration with Zeiss on your camera.

During this time we also saw how the company launched terminals of the Y-range, focused on a young audience with casual designs and a good balance between price and demanding features. The last to arrive were the vivo Y35s, Y22s and Y16s.

Also the V range, with a point more focused on a fair price with some striking feature. Of this last range, it is worth highlighting the V23 Pro with that back cover that changed color with ultraviolet light.

We saw how the company announced its new flagships, the X70 Pro and X70 Pro+, during a pandemic, but they did not reach the European market. The company continued to take the pulse of the Spanish market and it is something that they have achieved this year with the X80Pro, X80 and newly introduced X80 Lite.

The company shared with us the surprise of the good reception of this X80 Pro, a mobile that exceeds 1,000 euros but that seems to be receiving a higher demand than expected. Among its benefits are the power, the screen and the complete rear camera configuration with a 10x optical telephoto lens and Zeiss lenses with superb color treatment and reflections.

Nevertheless, the company has a large R&D team in China and although they tell us that they could bring their latest releases, it would require that software adaptation and it is not something worthwhile for all devices being such a young company (yet to make a name for itself) in Spain.

we were able to pass a few minutes with various devices that will not get here and it’s a shamesince in this small contact they have called us a lot of attention.

The foldable that looks the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the eye

We talk about vivo X Foldand it’s a shame because it is already known that the company is working on its successor, the X Fold +, with an update in the processor, slightly the design and cameras.

This model is a device that exudes quality from its box with a jewelry box format with a sliding drawer and careful materials.

The mobile in question has a very comfortable synthetic leather finish, is a slightly rubbery finish with the typical striations of leather. We have been able to see it in blue and black and we liked it a lot, not only the touch but also its design.

It shares the camera system with the X80 that we already analyzed and has a book-like design that once folded leaves no gap on the insideas we have seen in the 4 generations of Samsung folding.

It is a model that does reveal that crease in the reflections of light and slightly to the touch, but that the company has certified for withstand more than 300,000 folds and openings50% more than the Samsung certification.

The X Fold is a foldable that I wouldn’t mind using it in my day to day even with Origin OS. It combines design, quality of materials, the latest hardware and the plus of that large screen on the inside in a device to be able to multitask more efficiently.

As a note to note, it has the typical slider button to silence the terminal that the iPhone and OnePlus (except the latest model) continue to use.

iQoo 10 Pro: Gaming approach without RGBs, perfect for day to day

If there is something that seems interesting to me, it is to see how there are companies that launch their phones baptized as gaming and they have to have a special treatment with modules and RGB lights, extravagant designs with touch triggers or even a fan as an accessory or even integrated into the device.

They are mobiles that do not go unnoticed and not precisely in the good sense of the phrase. They are not for everyone and that is something that Vivo has managed to achieve with its iQoo line.

iQoo is the top line, where the company’s latest R&D improvements are introduced. There we have seen the large fingerprint reader arrive in the first instance under the screen or even as it is the occasion, iQoo 10 Pro200W fast charging.

The company has an agreement with BMW and we have been able to tinker with this version that sports the traditional colors of the BMW M line in a vertical strip.

The material of the back is the same as in the folding model, synthetic skinvery comfortable and the upper part, where the camera island resides, has a gloss mirror finish.

The front mounts a 120Hz QHD+ display with curved edges and a symmetrical design with the back, very comfortable and ergonomic.

This model is a safe bet for those who expect the highest performance, the latest charging technology and a 50 Mpx camera pack more than capable, although it does not have the technology of the X80 Pro with Zeiss, it does offer a very capable and versatile pack on paper.

Completing the vivo X80 family: the Lite model and the orange X80

The only model of everything we are seeing here that yes, it reaches the Spanish market is the X80 Lite.

In fact, we have an article in which we comment on all its features and specifications and we are going to refer you to it so as not to take the focus off the core of this article, which Vivo has ready but they do not launch in Spain.

And closing this point, since we already got the glove on the vivo X80 model during its presentation, this time we have been able to see the orange model that does not arrive in Spain.

It is exactly the same terminal but with this striking finish, not suitable for all audiences and that may well serve as an intermittent if you take it out of a car window since even the aluminum unibody frame has that orange color.

The main difference between this model and the x80 pro is that it loses the telescopic camera although it still has the Zeiss technology applied to the main camera.

Not everything is mobile, vivo also has tablets

And we come to the end of this article since we were able to spend a little while with the tablet too. Live Pad Air which we saw along with his keyboard.

It is a model that has a magnetic connection on the back that serves so much for charging as for connecting and powering the keyboard.

It is a pity that it does not reach the market since both the keyboard itself and the tablet have given us very good sensations.

We are talking about a tablet with support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos thanks to its four speakers, with a processor Snapdragon 870although with 2 years behind it, it was top of the range and is more than enough for demanding users and the multitasking that we can perform with it.

We already talked about it in Computerhoy in January of this year and that it would be a great alternative to Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5, however, it has not reached the Spanish market.

I live is much more than what it lets us see in Spain

As we have let you glimpse with this article, the Chinese company has a lot to say and a lot to offer.

It has modest mobiles and we can climb to the top model, its vivo x80 Pro. But we don’t stop there, they have also dared to make the leap to the folding market with its X Foldand the impending X Fold+.

The collaboration with Zeiss It is a very brave bet and it is not only about paying for the stamp, but there is a two-way collaborative work for the design of lenses, anti-reflective coating and subsequent treatment of photography.

We liked being able to take a look at what the company does not bring for business and logistics reasons but does have as a final product and for sale in China. Vivo is a company that has a lot to say and if it does an exercise to contain prices it will be successful in our country.


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