Russian police suppressing a demonstration against the mobilization of troops in Moscow.

This is the story of a Russian who is playing a game of mus and says, “Nuclear war is not a bluff.” Now we are in that moment [y los instantes se pueden hacer eternos] in what Vladimir Putin you have to pick up the cards. Yesterday he announced the mobilization of 300,000 more people and today the front pages of the newspapers show the first consequences. First I describe the photographs: images hitherto almost unpublished. Citizens shaken by the police, detained, shouting no to war.

We go with the correspondents, the lines written at the foot of the field. Javier Garcia Cuestafrom Moscow to The country: “More protests, more repression. Thousands of citizens last night defied the risk of demonstrating in Russia, which can involve prison sentences and being sent to the front. They took to the streets against the decree that allows a mobilization for war. The police arrested to more than 1,300 people. In the streets it is also visible the Russia that supports Putin and shouts ‘traitors’ to the demonstrators”.

Xavi Colasfrom Moscow to The worldit sounds like a reggaeton song!: “Thousands of Russians are launching against Putin for sending them to war. A few hours later it was already dusk in Novosibirsk (Siberia), but Lenin Square was more alive than ever with protests against the war. ‘ I’m not going to die for Putin or for you! This is bullshit and you know it!’, a young man shouted a few meters from the police. A few minutes later he was taken into custody. Like dominoes, the same scenes were They kept repeating from the easternmost part to Moscow and St. Petersburg. More than a thousand people were arrested.”

Russian police suppressing a demonstration against the mobilization of troops in Moscow.


ABC provides a revealing detail: in addition to the fact that all flights out of Moscow have been sold out, Google searches on how to self-harm without pain, how, for example, to break an arm without pain, have skyrocketed. It seems that panic is beginning to spread in Russian society at the risk that Putin will further extend the mobilization to the front. The country has an interview with Ji Wu, president of the Chinese space research society: “There will be people living on the moon in less than twenty years.” If this continues like this, there will be people before the weekend.

The one who is about to slam the door is the president of the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes. Bill Maria Peral in THE SPANISH, the pear tree room, who “in view of the laziness of the PP and the Government”, has begun to look for a private judge’s office. “He has been seen this Wednesday touring the offices of the Chamber that are free in order to choose one of them.”

There goes something deeply disturbing about the outcome of the war being waged in Ukraine. He has said Sanchez in New York: “The Russian president already knows that he is losing the war”. Scariolo He was a bad basketball coach and the PSOE would never agree with Podemos. You draw the conclusions.

ABC publish an interview with Macarena Oloni. It is difficult to stay with a headline: “I hear the same thing from people who have left Vox: lack of respect and internal democracy.” “When I asked to meet with abascal, my lynching was activated, the machinery to grind meat”. “Santi is denying my illness? If so, I would like him to say it openly.” But the best of all is, without a doubt, the first response: “I don’t think there is a crisis in Vox, I don’t know.” If he really wants to meet Abascal, I would advise you to try it on Tinder and with a false photo and name.

cover of The reason: “Spain leads the rise in tax pressure in the 34 OECD countries”. The confidential: “Galicia and Castilla y León will not touch the wealth tax despite the fiscal offensive of the PP. Murcia follows in the footsteps of Andalusia and Madrid and proposes the abolition of the tax to attract large taxpayers.”

If it started with the story of a mysterious man, Vladimir PutinI end with that of another mysterious man, Mariano Bacigalupothe husband of the vice president Theresa Rivera. Reading the column John Mueller in ABCI’m left with the feeling that Bacigalupo it is bacigalupando a little to everyone. He was a director of the CNMC, where his decisions fell, almost in 100% of the cases, on companies regulated by his wife. Now, appointed director of the CNMV, says Müller, it may be that only in some cases the companies on which he decides are affected by Ribera’s decisions. The situation has objectively improved.

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez carries out every morning for “La España que madruga”, in “Más de Uno”, Carlos Alsina’s program on Onda Cero.

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