Uli Gellermann: Betrayal of the nation - The cold war winter of 2022

By Uli Gellermann

According to the current joint poverty report, the poverty rate in Germany has reached a new record of 15.9 percent and the highest value since reunification. This means that 13.2 million people fall below the poverty line.

Ruble rises and rises

The situation will continue to deteriorate: German manufacturers surprisingly and unprecedentedly increased their prices in August due to enormously high oil, gas and electricity costs. Producer prices rose by an average of 45.8 percent compared to the same month last year. The ruble rises and rises. And the profits of the Russian company Gazprom – the main supplier of gas – are also increasing. The Germans are suffering under the sanctions against Russia that were wanted by the USA and were being implemented by the German government.

The concept of nation was misused by the Nazis

The concept of the nation was misused by the Nazis intolerably. So much so that in Germany it is rarely used in positive contexts. After all, the Wikipedia children’s encyclopedia allows itself a simple and neutral definition: “A nation is a large group of people who inhabit a certain area. These people have something in common. What they have in common can be the language, history, traditions, the economy, the culture, the religion, the origin of the people and some other things.”

Suffering from the sanctions together

This “large group of people” is currently suffering together under the sanctions that were supposed to harm the Russians: small businesses are going bankrupt, workers and employees are losing their jobs, tenants can no longer afford their utilities, drivers have to leave their cars because of the high fuel prices leave. What all these Germans have in common is a government that acts against the well-being of the country.

Armaments worth at least 191.9 million euros

As the number of German homeless grows, the federal government has shipped weapons and other armaments worth at least 191.9 million euros to Ukraine. Among them was the Panzerhaubitze 2000. What will happen if the Russian army stops destroying this weapon only in combat in Ukraine? If you prefer to put Rheinmetall, the manufacturer and supplier of this weapon, out of action right away? Because Germany and its armaments companies have long since become combatants in the Ukrainian NATO war.

An ongoing NATO aggression

The Russian hypersonic rocket Avangard easily manages the distance of 2,000 kilometers (Moscow-Düsseldorf). Should the Rheinmetall workers die for NATO? Because contrary to what the usual media claims, the war had started long before that: with the encirclement of Russia by NATO bases. With the unilateral termination of the important INF disarmament agreement by the USA. By establishing US bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine. By threatening Ukraine to reverse its nuclear weapons waiver. What the world is currently witnessing in Ukraine is Russia’s response to these steps of ongoing NATO aggression.

Burn up in a nuclear war?

Should the German nation burn up in a conceivable nuclear war? Because the conventional war in Ukraine can increase nuclear. US nuclear weapons are still stationed on German soil. This constant nuclear threat to Russia – the weapons are stored at Büchel Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate – makes Germany a strategic target in a war between the USA and Russia. But instead of countering the danger of the Ukraine war spreading to Germany, the Scholz-Habeck-Baerbock government is fueling the danger with arms deliveries and boasting.

National Committee Free Germany

The last time the term German nation was used in a historically progressive context was with the founding of the “National Committee for Free Germany”. The committee was founded in Krasnogorsk in 1943 by German anti-fascists. The founders – “workers and writers, soldiers and officers, trade unionists and politicians, people of all political and ideological tendencies who would not have thought such a merger possible a year ago” – wanted to end Hitler’s war at all costs. Today we face a new war against Russia.

Betrayal of German interests

It is the US that wants the Ukraine war and they also want the Germans to be involved in it; that Germany would be defeated again in a war against Russia. Whoever takes the country anywhere near war with Russia is serving a foreign power; he commits treason against German interests. It is time for a new “National Committee”. To prevent a freezing winter and a hot war.

Uli Gellerman is a filmmaker and journalist. His media criticism is based on his experiences with public broadcasters. He is the publisher of the website RATIONALGALERIE.

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Source: RT

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