If you go through a time in your life where you feel alone, you should do everything you can to alleviate or eliminate this sorrow.

Human beings are a social species, and we need to establish relationships with our peers so as not to feel alone. The loneliness it is a very common feeling, that comes and goes. But when it persists, it can generate depression, obesity, painand other ills.

We tend to associate loneliness with being physically alone. Millions of people live alone in their houses. But you can feel alone in the middle of a crowd, or living in a large family.

It is a feeling that can have physical consequences: if it persists, it causes apathy, depression, muscle pain, a weak immune system, and sleep problems.

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Feeling lonely is a fairly common feeling and is even more common in the fall and winter. We’ll see how can we fight lonelinesswith the help of experts.

Keep in mind that loneliness does not have a common assessment. There are people who feel good being alone, and even seek solitude, and others who get depressed because one day they haven’t met their friends. You can even live as a couple and be very much in love, but feel lonely because you don’t share tastes, or you can’t connect as you would like.

how to fight loneliness

The medical website Healthline offers us some tips to relieve loneliness They are simple to put into practice, so you have nothing to lose by trying them.

As we have seen, feeling alone is almost an opinion, because for some people it is loneliness, for others it is freedom or self-knowledge. It is not easy to change the “chip”, but a good trick to face loneliness is take advantage of its advantages.

In the moments in which you feel alone you can take the opportunity to practice mindfulness or meditation, to read a book you likefor take a relaxing bubble bath, and other activities that you can only do when no one bothers you. Believe it or not, they are an unattainable luxury for people who live in large families.

It is also a good opportunity to practice a hobby, or learn to paint, a programming language, or to play an instrument.

Another interesting proposal is practice gratitude. It consists of remembering the good things that have happened to you during the day, and being grateful for them. They can be things as simple as eating your favorite dish, a movie you liked, or a nice walk. If someone has done something nice for you, call them and thank them. Even if it’s for something trivial.

A 2019 study showed that practicing gratitude makes you feel better and counteracts the negative symptoms of loneliness.

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Good advice is break the silence. Yes you feel lonely and there is someone nearby, talk to him, even if it is about the weather. If that’s not possible, put on some music you like, or listen to a podcast, or the radio. Hearing other people’s voices is a nice relief.

Also helps go out for a walk. But not to walk without more. Can we do something else. For example greet the neighbors you knoweither go into the small local shops and buy them something, to help them. The feeling of helping and the gratitude you receive is comforting.

Have a pet It is a very effective aid: dogs and cats offer a lot of company.

If you want to meet people and interact with them, sign up as a volunteer to an NGO. There are hundreds of all kinds of activities, you will surely find something that interests you. You will establish a relationship with other volunteers, because a lot of group work is done, and helping others will make you feel good.

Finally, talk about your problem with a family member or close friend. Many times others do not realize what is happening to you, until you tell them. So they give you their full support.

Are interesting tips to combat loneliness, that are not very well known. Put all of them into practice, and they will surely help you alleviate the feeling of feel alone.

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