The Federal Police was targeted after the order to open a third summary as a result of his faulty intervention in everything that surrounded attack against Vice President Cristina Kirchner and subsequent research.

There was already a first internal summary for the loss of the content of one of the key tests, Fernando Sabag Montiel’s cell phone. A second summary had to be launched by the deficiencies in the security of CFK before the attack. And now, a new internal investigation was arranged because when the judge María Eugenia Capuchetti ordered the arrest of Brenda Uliarte, To locate her, a direct wiretap of her cell phone was launched, which was to take place in a Federal Police box: the required personnel took three hours to arrive at their post.

That motivated the Supreme Court wiretapping office to end up informing Capuchetti’s secretary that Uliarte was on the move and on his way to Retiro. After a first search at the bus terminal, the judge’s own secretary, Federico Clerc, discovered that Brenda had actually gotten on a train and not a bus. That formation was later stopped at the Palermo station. The Ministry of Security, in charge of Hannibal Fernandezmonitors the three internal summaries that show too many errors or irregularities.

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As is known, in the image of the attack against Cristina Kirchner only Sabag Montiel, immediately reduced by the militants who surrounded the vice president and handed over to the Federal Police officers who were at the scene. Three days later, on Sunday, September 4, Capuchetti ordered the arrest of the man who lived with Sabag, Brenda Uliarte. Today it is known that the girl I was obsessed with killing CFK. That weekend, the young woman was located in Barracas, where they lived Gabriel Carrizo and another member of the group, Sergio Orozco. The magistrate ordered a direct listening, that is, that Uliarte be located permanently.

In general, the eavesdropping is carried out by the Dajudecothe Directorate of Judicial Assistance in Complex Crimes, which up to the Supreme Court. But in urgent cases, such as kidnappings or drug trafficking operations, the monitoring is done by a security force. For that, the Federal has enabled several boxes in the Central Department and the Dajudeco transfers the follow-up to it. It is that in these cases, the best thing is that the wiretaps are in the hands of the Federal Police, the Gendarmerie, the Prefecture or the Airport Security Police because they are the ones that are going to act immediately.

At that time on Sunday there was already an arrest warrant against Uliarte signed by Capuchetti. And no one was present in the boxes of the Federal, according to the court and confirmed in the Ministry of Security. They argued that the managers were on their way, something inadmissible given the urgency.

But the serious thing is that from the Dajudeco they specified that Brenda was moving —from what was seen from the location of the cell phone— and left the address on Montes de Oca street, in Barracas. They contacted the Federal again, but there was no response either. It took three hours for someone to arrive at the direct listening pits, an intolerable delay considering that the times in kidnappings and drug trafficking operations are counted in minutes and sometimes even in seconds. And the same in a very serious case in which the attempted murder of the vice president is being investigated.

Arrest of Brenda Uliarte

According to the story he accessed Page 12 things ended in serious events. Without a response from the Federal, the Dajudeco —in charge of Tomás Rodríguez Ponte— reported the situation to the court and warned him that Brenda was on her way to Retiro. That implied the possibility of an escape and the disappearance of a fundamental defendant.

Apparently that motivated Capuchetti’s secretary, a 23-year-old man, Federico Clerc, to make the decision to go to the bus station accompanied only by the custody of the court itself. As they say, the scene was sad: the secretary and one or two officers looking for the girl on the platforms from which the buses left. To the despair of the little group, the girl was nowhere to be found.

However, from what they say, Clerc realized that it might not be the bus station but the train station, since cell phones are linked to the same antenna. Therefore, the small group moved to the San Martin Railway, with the hypothesis that perhaps Brenda was going to San Miguel, where she lived according to the report of the National Registry of Persons. When they reached the platform, the formation had already left. Therefore, Clerc issued an order to the Federal Police to stop the train to carry out the arrest. That was achieved at the Palermo station.

Apparently, in the judicial file there is a section dedicated to these events and the other two that are related to the Federal Police. But, in addition, a summary was opened within the force, which would be the third referred to alleged failures or irregularities in the investigation of the assassination attempt.

Sabag Montiel’s cell phone

Page 12 exclusively reported the loss of the substantial part of a test of the utmost importance: the content of the cell phone Fernando Sabag Montiel. Some photos were recovered, but not much else. The proof is that today the court has 180 pages of chats from the other detainee, Gabriel Carrizo, and almost nothing from Sabag.

On the same night of Thursday, September 1, Capuchetti received the Samsung that Sabag carried in the pocket of his jacket. In order not to waste time and check if the subject had accomplices and if there could be someone else armed in the vicinity of Cristina’s apartment, the magistrate summoned the Federal technicians to her office. The specialists applied, through a small device, the software called UFED, which involves a massive entry into the cell phone to determine the password and decrypt it. The technicians could not and the phone was kept in an envelope, unsealed, in the court safe.

The next day, also unclosed and without a custody document, the cell phone was sent to the Airport Security Police (PSA). that he told the judge that he had a newer version of the software. But As soon as the device arrived, the PSA prepared a document indicating that it was not responsible for a device that came on, in airplane mode, in an open envelope.

In court they argued that it was sent that way because, accompanying the cell phone, was a secretary and the custody of the judge. The truth is that the judicial officer had gotten off the road and the Samsung arrived in the hands of Corporal Santillán, Capuchetti’s custody. When the cell phone was connected to the UFED software, a message was seen on the screen indicating that the content no longer existed because the device was automatically reset to how it came from the factory. A very serious damage was done to the investigation, to the point that today it is said that the information could only be recovered in the United States.

The judge ordered the Gendarmerie to carry out an expert examination to find out what happened, while in the Federal a first internal summary was opened to evaluate responsibilities.

The custody of Cristina Kirchner

In the framework of the investigation into the attempted murder, it became clear that there were serious deficiencies in the vice president’s security. Some put the emphasis on custody, because she did not react to the assassination attempt and even Cristina Kirchner continued to sign books several minutes later. Others mention a second line that must have been watching everyone they approached, ready to intervene if someone did what Sabag did, drawing a gun or a knife. The critics mention that even custody had no intercomthe so-called cockroaches in the ears, something that is seen even in the acts that are carried out for the attacks against the AMIA and the Embassy of Israel.

And finally there are those who refer to the fact that the jurisdiction of the City Police was fought over who was responsible for the security of CFK and, by order of Judge Roberto Gallardo, it was made clear that it was the Federal Police. But the whole response was to place three or four patrol cars and a few troops around Uruguay and Juncal.. Not real security. In this context, critics wonder: did no one realize that the presence of snowflake vendors in a place where there were no children was incoherent?

For her part, Cristina Kirchner admitted to Capuchetti that she is “unruly” in terms of security, trying to remove responsibility from custody. Two weeks later, there are those who say that she no longer thinks the same.

Be that as it may, the court also included those issues in the file and the Federal Police opened a second internal summary. The order of these investigations is not clear, but two days after the attack, there were already the summaries for the reset of the cell phone and the deficiencies in Cristina’s security.

Third internal summary

What is known now is that there is this third investigation in the legal case and also in the Federal Police. That Sunday, in Comodoro Py they said that the arrest of Brenda Uliarte was imminent and that there was no problem because she had been located. When the judge signed the order, time passed and the arrest was not finalized. What happened is what is now known: Brenda began to move, there was no one from the Federal to listen directly, the troops took three hours and ended up intervening, to achieve the arrest, a 23-year-old court clerk.

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