The Island Of Temptations Laura Mario

Season 5 of The Island of Temptations has been released in style and nothing else is talked about in networks. The Telecinco reality star, presented by Sandra Barneda, showed us at the first gala how the five couples will face the temptations on the island. Do you have your pools at hand?

Laura and Mario

This couple starts off strong. The former collaborator of ‘Women and men and vice versa’ and her partner have a considerable pique, which Laura summarizes as follows: “I’m seeing Mario become a person who is what he doesn’t like about me” (she understands… I guess). Mario is angry because he sees her “very willing” to get into the game and she marks her territory every time a single girl casts her eyes on her “his hers man” of hers.

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the most moments heavy They were when Laura told him that maybe he found in singles “something that he didn’t have with him” and Mario hesitated saying “Look, look”. Without forgetting that Mario did not even want to say goodbye at the end of the gala, later admitting that it was a strategy to make Laura feel guilty. It looks like both will fall soon.

Tanya and Samuel

The Island Of Temptations Samuel Tania

Another red-hot couple, because of how predisposed Tania seems to be in the face of the trauma it seems to entail for Samuel (and I say, if you’re going to have such a bad time, why do you come?). come on what Sandra had to come to encourage Samuel when he began to cry before parting (“To fight for love”, “Take care”, he said).

Tania is having success with singles but Samuel is not far behind and, although he tries to keep his distance, Mona has already said that she sees him as very receptive to the new attention they are lavishing on him. Tania will surely be the first although I think Samuel will fall sooner or later.

Claudia and Javier

The Island Of Temptations Javi Claudia

What a picture, these two. Among Claudia recognizing several singles having made out with them (including two twins!) and Javi getting crazy every time this happened, last night’s memes knew how to play them.

Although Javi is playing the “good boyfriend” card (his tear-stained face speaks for itself), his girlfriend has complained about his jealousy and excessive dependence (alert, red flag). It is clear that Claudia is going to fallshe was seen with too much desire to get rid of him and if you come with those, maybe there is not much desire to continue the relationship, what is said.

Paola and Andrew

The Island Of Temptations Paola Andreu

We could consider this couple the dullest on the show, if it weren’t for the following and because Andreu has given us one of the most pitiful memeables of the gala (when they start singing, just because). It is still early to draw conclusions but Samuel looks like he will fall first, although maybe they’ll make it to the end.

Sarah and Manuel

The Island Of Temptations Sara Manuel

Now yes, boredom gold medal. These two haven’t given anything to play so far in the program (and if Sara wanted to be the crybaby of the edition, she feels, that position has already been occupied by Javi), so two things can happen: either they surprise us letting go of the mane in the next episode, or indeed they each stand in a corner longing for each other in silence while ‘Alone again’ plays. For now, my winners vote goes to them.

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This is the panorama that we have at the moment in the reality show (which should give Twitter a commission because people’s memes are chef kiss). The island of temptations is broadcast on Thursdays at 10:50 p.m. on Telecinco and broadcasts its debate on Mondays at 10:45 p.m. on Cuatro.


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