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“I know everything”. Doña Macalota blurted out those ominous words to her frivolous consort, Don Chinguetas, who liked to make deposits in other banks than the one that corresponded to him. A sobering saying postulates: “What is done at night appears during the day.” A certain friend of mine, married, was visiting her little friend in her apartment. One night, leaving the meeting, he saw a piece of paper on the windshield of her car.

He said: “Everything is known, and everything will be known.” My friend could never find out who put that “Mane, Thecel, Phares.”, but in the end he was left without a wife and without a friend. (The words “Mane. Thecel. Phares.”, mysteriously appeared on a wall in the hall where King Baltasar was holding an orgy while – God punished – Cyrus’s army entered Babylon. The expression means: “Counted. Heavy. Condemned”). But I see that I deviate from the story. I take it back.

Doña Macalota confronted her husband with that lapidary phrase: “I know everything”. Instead of worrying, Don Chinguetas replied: “Really? Let’s see: what is the distance from the Earth to the Moon?” (Answer: 384,400 kilometers). The coach of a professional football team was pleasantly surprised when the prospector took him to a young man he found in a small town. The rude gañán was 2 meters tall and weighed 165 kilos. He asked her, “Can you shoulder?” The boy broke an electricity pole in two with his shoulder. “Can you run fast?” In 8 seconds the waiter ran across the playing field.

Excited, the coach showed him a football. “Can you pass this ball?” “I think so,” the big man hesitated. “Maybe I need a glass of water, though.” “September, it trembles.” The phrase, contrary to what one would think, is not from now. It was used in the Port of Veracruz since colonial times to say that in that month the virulence of endemic tropical diseases in the region intensified, which scythed especially at foreigners recently arrived on ships, but without sparing the locals either. . In our time, September is a fearsome month, because in it -and surprisingly on the same day, the 19th- the earthquakes that in Mexico City and in other parts of the country have caused so many deaths and so much destruction.

The seismologists They are already wondering if such a coincidence is just that, a mere coincidence, or if the rare phenomenon of coincident dates should be a matter of special study. Whether or not, next September, if the good Lord preserves my life, I will not stop by mistake in the Capital of the Republic or in the other cities where it trembles, and I will go only to those where the only tremors are the ones it causes López Obrador in his morning appearances. Cherry Berry, a pretty Scottish girl, and her boyfriend, Dick McPrick, went out for a walk in the country that night.

She wore the colors of her family’s clan on her dress, and he wore his on his skirt or kilt. On the way, she said to her lover Cherry, “Isn’t it true, Dick, that you feel like holding my hand?” “That’s right,” admitted the robust youth. “How did you know?” She answered: “Because of the light in your eyes.” He took her hand. Soon after, Cherry asked McPrick, “Isn’t it true that you feel like kissing me?” “It’s true,” he admitted. “How did you know?” He repeated the girl: “By the light in your eyes.” He kissed her passionately. They walked on, and Cherry said, “Isn’t it true, Dick, that you feel like making love to me?” “And many,” replied the boy at once. “Did you know by the light in my eyes?” “No,” Cherry answered. “I knew from the rise in your skirt.” FINISH.


full of dust
Rest of a time gone forever, when it had the brilliance of a star and the brightness of a hope that looked close.
Now it has the opaque color of absence.
I saw it, and I was sorry to see it.
Even more: I felt embarrassed when I looked at it.
It was a dream that I had in my youth and that I did not follow because I was looking for realities.
Do the dreams we leave behind forgive us?
I hope he has forgiven me.
If he hasn’t, I’ll tell him I already had my punishment: I’ve forgotten to dream.
See you tomorrow!…

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“. A catalog of the country’s endemic diseases will be made.”.
In Mexico, as far as I know,
we suffer many ills,
but the biggest we have
It’s called the 4T.

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