Panama proposes global initiative against high medicine prices

Panama proposed this Thursday the adoption of one global initiative that solves the “price disproportionate and the lack of access to medicines“, who are the object of a “mean and mercantile” system that “cannot continue”.

Panamanian Vice President Jose Gabriel Carrizo, assured during his speech at the UN General Assemblythat your country sees “with concern that millions of people cannot access medicines”.

“A accessible medicine is the difference between life and death“, affirmed Carrizo, who assured that “it is up to everyone (…) that the access to medicines be valued as a dhuman rightand not as an expensive and luxury commodity”.

A system like the current one, in which “oligopolies get excessive profits by medicines that distribute and sell to the state and to individuals” and that “it shames humanity, it cannot continue”.

Panama proposes before this General Assembly, the adoptedn of one global initiative to solve the excessive price and the lack of access to medicines for the citizens of the world,” he added.

Carrizo leads a National comission what do you expect lower the cost of the medicines andn the country, which are among the highest in the region, a situation thatalong with other economic claims, generated last July the majors social protests in decades in Panama.

The drug distribution in Panama is in the hands of some few families for decades and have enjoyed, with the complacency of successive governments, enormous profit margins very exclusive.

“In our country we did not have to regret a single fatality during these protests. Our style of government has allowed agreements and consensus on the needs most felt by the population,” the vice president said.


The government of Panamawhich is one of the three countries in the world declared carbon negative, “considers that the current development model must be transformed, which “means including the value of biodiversity, seeking healthy and sustainable ecosystems”Carrizo said.

The vice president wonderedwhen are they going to stop the ecocide” and referred to the “criticism of the youth about the succession of forums, summits and declarations on the climate change and the preservation of the environment and the natural resources that occur in the midst of the uncontrollable increase in emissions, deforestation and pollution of water, aquifers, rivers and oceans”.

“Panama states today before this forum of nations” that “the time has come for the world to have an international body that demands responsibility from all those who cause damage to the planet,” he said.


In a speech in which he spoke of the fight against the pandemic of the covid-19 and also from the regional Migration Crisis, Carrizo assured that humanity has “ahead” the task of building “another world: a better world, with answers to ensure human health and life on this planet, which is our home. A world with more solidarity and peace.”

“The Way of the conflicts and war leads to more calamities and disasters. It is the wrong path,” said the Panamanian vice president, who highlighted the vocation for peace and understanding that has historically governed his country.

For this reason, he argued, “the Panamanians, we are always ready to serve humanityas we have done for centuries. Today, before this General Assembly, we want to express you with determination to the world, that counts and will always count on Panama”.

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, appointed Carrizo to represent him in the UN Assembly. The 69-year-old head of state announced in the middle of this year that he suffers from low-risk “myelodysplastic syndrome,” a group of diseases in which the bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells.


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