Lawyer with 20 years of experience told the harsh reality: "Argentina is a drug country"

Daniel Odetticriminal lawyer with 20 years of experiencestated that the majority of therapeutic farms in Argentina where boys and girls with drug addiction are treated drugs they “fail” in their attempt to recover the victims and are also “perverse”. The television statements were given in the context of the arrest of the journalist, Marcelo Teto Medina, along with 16 others accused of the crimes of reduction to servitude and abandonment of a person at the rehabilitation farm, La Razón de Vivir.

«I have a community where we receive people who come out of prison who have no chance of working, we offer them work and housing. There are a lot of particular qualities that make them vulnerable and most of them come with drug use problems, but we are not a consumption farm,” Odetti said in La Nación +.

«My 20-year experience shows me that therapeutic farms that work on the consumption of addiction with compulsory hospitalization or not, ultimately fail and are perverse. The Argentine State has already accepted that Argentina is a drug country. Since 2011 I have been denouncing the structure of corruption linked to drug trafficking in all branches of government in Argentina»

«Argentina is a drug country. The federal judge, Sandra Arroyo Salgado, is saying that her colleagues, the provincial judges and prosecutors, the legislators and the politicians are all in the drug trade,” insisted the lawyer who also works in the social assistance sector for children. with addiction and prison problems.

“I have been working in the social care sector for 20 years. When a father tells you that he pays 12,000 pesos for the rehabilitation farm that is housing, food and hygiene, can you think that a person can live with that? No, no structure is maintained with that money, so they make them work to make a profit with it,” Odetti commented.

«The family gets rid of a problem for 15,000 pesos and does not want to bring them back to their homes because they steal their things to buy drugs. Today, the State is not interested in participating in the solution of a problem that it generated, which is drug trafficking in Argentina. Although cocaine is not produced, it does not mean that we are not a narco country », he concluded.

Source: Elintransigente

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