Law of Attraction: What it is and why it is thought to be the cause of the September earthquakes in Mexico

Guadalajara Jalisco.- The memory of the earthquake of September 19 in 1985 is engraved in the history of Mexico, due to the devastation it left in its wake, years later in 2017, another telluric movement opened the wound and created new ones.

Therefore, the Mexicans carried out a drill at 12:19 p.m. to prepare the population in the event of a natural disaster of this type. The drill ended and minutes later, an earthquake occurred, this time 7.9 degrees.

The probability that three earthquakes greater than 7 degrees occur on the same day is 0.0007 percent according to experts, in addition the National Seismological Service highlights that these phenomena cannot be predicted and there is no “earthquake season”.

Given the above, some people are inclined to believe that the recent earthquake occurred by ‘the law of attraction’, which was created by the Australian writer and screenwriter Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Secret”.

José Ron, Bárbara del Regil, among other celebrities believe that the earthquake was caused by the law of attraction / Capture

The law of attraction states that by thinking positively you get good situations, On the other hand, by thinking negatively, harmful things are achieved.

This pseudoscientific belief holds that what is thought consciously or unconsciously attracts.

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The law of attraction has no scientific basis, however, there are many people who defend it and practice it in their lives to manifest abundance, love, professional achievements, among other things.

The earthquake was attributed to the ‘law of attraction’ since many people might be thinking that it could happen again On that date and due to the national simulation, among the defenders of the law of attraction are celebrities, who have published their theory on social networks, which has caused divided opinions.

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