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It belongs to the traditional nail treatment from Japan. The Japanese manicure is known for its naturalness. Special focus is on the care of the skin and nails. But what exactly makes the manicure special? We’ll show you why we love the treatment!

A manicure does not always have to mean bright colors. If you want well-groomed, delicate and subtle nails, the Japanese manicure is made for you.

Strikingly beautiful: Japanese manicure makes your nails shine

The beauty ritual from Japan fights against broken and brittle nails. The Japanese manicure has been used as a strengthening, soothing and nourishing nail treatment for over 400 years. What fundamentally differentiates the manicure from other nail treatments is that a special paste is applied to the natural nails and sealed with a special powder. However, the Japanese manicure can do much more!

Product Must-Have: These items are used in a Japanese manicure.

The be-all and end-all for the optimal end result with a Japanese manicure are the products used. The important thing here is that everything is of natural origin. The manicure essentials are a special paste and powder containing minerals. The multivitamin paste consists mainly of keratin, vitamins A and E, beeswax and silica. The revitalizing ingredients ensure the health and care of the nails. In addition to the two must-have products, we recommend a nail shape file and a polishing file. Finally, hand cream and peeling are often used.

How it works:

The process of a Japanese manicure is very simple and only takes a few steps. A peeling is optional but highly recommended. To do this, gently rub your hands with a scrub and then wash them thoroughly. This removes dead skin cells and your hands feel even softer. After cleaning, you can file your nails into shape. If you like your shape, use the Japanese paste sparingly. Put a pea size on each nail and gently buff in. Then dip the buffer into the powder and buff it in as well. The powder serves as a protective film for the nails. Cream your hands at the end.

benefits of the treatment

The benefits of the treatment are clearly visible. The focus is on a natural shine, which makes your nails look well-groomed and healthy. In addition, the Japanese manicure promotes your blood circulation and nail growth. Thanks to the natural ingredients, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the environment. The manicure is quick and easy to do yourself! You can order the right sets online at Amazon, for example. Without any chemical additives, you give your nails a heavenly, pink shine for up to three weeks.


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