Thursday September 22, 2022, Caroline Vigneaux’s show called Croque la pomme will be broadcast in the first part of the evening on W9. The comedian evokes the inequalities between men and women, but also his personal life.

Caroline Vigneaux has an atypical career. After having been a lawyer between 2000 and 2008, she decided to embark on humor. His third show called Bite the apple is also broadcast on Thursday, September 22 from 9:05 p.m. on W9. In this one-woman-show, it evokes the inequalities between men and womenthrough many unpublished anecdotes.

In addition to addressing topics such as wage inequality, the 47-year-old woman does not hesitate to address feminism or even women’s menstruation. A subject on which she was keen to educate her two boys, now teenagers. “I even warned my sons who are in college: if you have a friend who has bloodstains, you give her your sweatshirt to put around her waist. I had a friend in college who went to the blackboard with a bloodstain, the teacher reacted badly and sent her away. Everyone made fun of him until high school. While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, all women have their periods! I hope to break taboos by making people laugh” she confided in particular. A rare anecdote that includes his sonswhile she rarely confides in her personal life.

Caroline Vigneaux confides in her love life

In 2018, while presenting her second show, Caroline Vigneaux granted an interview to Paris Match. The opportunity for the former columnist toEuropean 1 to make an unprecedented confidence by evoking his first love and her painful breakup. “I was to marry a boy and he left me to marry another. It was awful, but in the end it’s a blessing” she remembered. A sad anecdote that nevertheless allowed her to become a strong and independent woman.

If the comedian is now the mother of two teenagers, she is also separated from their father. In an interview given to Buzz-TV on Tuesday, September 20, she made a rare statement about her personal life. “I am a feminist and I like men. Besides, I’m launching a call: I’m single and I want it to be known” she explained. A statement that surprised given that she is particularly keen on protect your privacy.

However, Caroline Vigneaux explained that she sometimes frightened men. “I have the image of a strong woman. It’s even more complicated when you’ve seen my show. Add a little notoriety and the fact of being a woman who makes you laugh, that’s a lot of barriers to cross for the men who meet me in the evening” she first explained before continuing with humor: “For a man to be attracted to me and want to flirt with me, he really has to feel good about himself“.

The comedian evokes the PPDA affair without taboo

Very committed to women’s rights, the former lawyer also evokes sexual assault in her show. A subject she knows well since she herself has been victim of inappropriate gestures in the metro. An attitude that she does not tolerate and that she wishes to denounce in order to make society evolve.

Asked about the Patrick Poivre d’Arvor case, accused of rape and sexual assault by three women, in the columns of the newspaper Release, Tuesday, September 20, Caroline Vigneaux spoke on the issue. “I hope women won’t shy away from complaining and we move more towards consensual sex“. she said. For her, the courageous attitude of the supposed victims to denounce a personality well known to the French is particularly important for change things and deter potential sexual predators. A long fight that also goes through the media.


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