Guests of Fun Radio, Simon Castaldi and Adixia Romaniello made some revelations behind the scenes of the filming of reality TV…

For twenty years now, reality tv programs have established themselves on the small screen. Many viewers follow with great interest the adventures of anonymous young people recruited to have a good time in front of the camera, often in a large villa. But as everyone knows, community life is not always a long calm river.

Indeed, if reconciliations and love stories are legion in this kind of program, clashes between candidates are also recurring. And some household scenes achieved audience records, such as that of Milla Jasmine and Mujdat Saglam in The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 4 or the episode of the arrival of Alix Desmoineaux in The Marseillais in the Caribbean.

However, many doubt the veracity of these sequences and suspect the candidates and the production of them set the scene to make the buzz.

“There is no script”

This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Adixia Romaniello and Simon Castaldi were the guests of Fun Radio. The young woman was discovered in 2013 in The Ch’tis in Hollywood, while her darling debuted in The Princes and Princesses of Love 8.

Asked about behind the scenes of reality TV, the couple made some rather surprising revelations regarding the filming conditions of the shows in which they participate:

We are not comedians but sometimes we are in a bad place. There is no script. But we are badly placed in relation to the camera so we have to redo the sequence.

Adixia said, which made Simon visibly uncomfortable. He also wanted to qualify:

No, it’s not really that, it’s not for big sequences. It’s not, when there’s a fight, they’ll say, “Wait, stop”.

What the pretty Belgian refuted by remembering her time in The rest of the world :

I remember in Ibiza, I had to redo a sequence because you had your back to the camera!

As a reminder, Adixia arrived during the adventure and had the unpleasant surprise to learn that Simon, whom she has been dating for a year, had not hesitated to make mistakes with Virginie Conte during her absence. This resulted in an explosive reunion.

Adixia Romaniello and Simon Castaldi @ Instagram

Simon Castaldi embarrassed?

Despite everything, the son of Benjamin Castaldi insisted that their reactions were generally spontaneous and provided more details:

If there is a big clash, they often put a background. For example, the moon, to wait for the moment when you frame well. But afterwards, if there is a sequence where you speak, you can do it again. And you only speak again if the cameraman is right in front of you. But not for the big stuff.

So it’s confirmed, some scenes from reality TV shows are indeed replayed and are not natural.

The declarations of Simon Castaldi, including an extract from his appearance on the radio which was published on TikTok, caused a lot of reaction. We can read in the comments:

He assumes not, lol.

How uncomfortable he is…

Simon, he’s trying to protect them.

Yes, well, I’m convinced that sometimes it’s acting.

What do you think ?


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