Last month, during theOpening Night Live of the gamescom 2022, Techland introduced the first paid extension of Dying Light 2 Stay Human called bloody tieswhose scenario will be linked to an arena, the Carnage Hall. Basically, this DLCs should have seen the light of day last June, but was then postponed to September. Except that it is the date of October 13, 2022 which was finally stopped… to be delayed again this week.

It’s around the cornera message on Twitter this Wednesday that the Polish studio has indicated that it is postponing the launch of bloody ties to Thursday, November 10 to give the team extra time to polish the content and iron out bugs. Hopefully this delay is worth it.

Otherwise, the Chapter 2 was launched a few days ago, titled A Hunter and a Hagwhich as its name suggests introduces the huntress as an allied character Shen Xiu and a fearsome creature called hag, but not only. And if you were worried about not being able to enjoy this type of content due to a possible time limit, rest assured, because the Chapter 1 remains available. All the details are listed below.

This time you will have to focus on stalking and hunting your prey. Will you be able to help the Huntress bring down once and for all, the unimaginable horror that is the Hag and its legion of Pleaguebearers? The Hag is a very dangerous creature and an ultimate challenge for any hunter. However, you will be able to acquire new ranged weapons and it will be totally worth it!

  • A new agent for this chapter : this is Shen Xiu, aka the Huntress. The brand new agent of this chapter is a very talented tracker. Have you ever found various arc containers during your journey? They all belonged to her, as she is an expert in ranged weapons. Additionally, she represents the Hunters, a mysterious faction of highly skilled hunters employed to track down and eliminate the most dangerous of the infected. The hunt for her new prey led her straight to town.
  • New enemies : Face all-new dangers in the form of the Hag (a menacing variant of the Banshee) and Plaguebearers (human enemies infected with the Hag). But beware, this is a very fast and agile enemy that is nearly impossible to hit in melee and can easily catch you off guard. The witch can even withstand daylight and UV rays. You will therefore have to review your tactics! Also, his Plaguebearers are almost indistinguishable from normal people, only your Survivor Sense can help you detect them. When they die, they release a poisonous mist that can instantly turn any human around them into infected!
  • New weapons : Unlock powerful equipment such as the Hunter’s Crossbow or the Ballista Bow! An impressive addition to your ranged weapon arsenal. However, melee weapon enthusiasts will also have fun with deadly weapons such as the Basher.
  • New Bounties : Earn a whole new set of bounties entirely focused on defeating your enemies using traps, ranged weapons, or without getting hit.
  • Revisit Chapter 1 : The contents of the first chapter will still be available. Additionally, Harper (the former Chapter Agent) will have new weapons, blueprints, packs, and bounties to offer you.

“We wanted to present players with a challenge like they’ve never experienced before. The Hag is an extraordinary enemy, powerful enough to bend the rules of the game, making the day in the city as dangerous and tense as the night. The hunt is on and you will have to be constantly on your guard if you don’t want to end up being the prey. – Paweł Płaza, Publishing Product Owner at Techland for Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is sold from €53.99 per Fnac if you ever want to get it.

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