Distribution of pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk this Thursday.

The partially occupied territories of Kherson Y Zaporizhia and the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk Y Luganskrecognized by the Kremlin in February, have everything ready to join Russia. As of this Thursday, the pro-Russians finalize the preparations for the integration referendums with Russia that will be held between 23 and 27 September.

The authorities ukrainian have downplayed these consultations, which they brand as “illegal”but the separatists have already started with their campaignwhich includes political rallies and the distribution of propaganda electoral.

Several volunteers from Donetsk have distributed this Thursday campaign leaflets that say Russia is the future. Participate in the referendum. We stand with Russia as well as bracelets with the colors of the Russian flag. Other pro-Putin supporters gave away the newspaper Republica medium that supports full adherence with Russia and on whose cover this Thursday appeared the motto 27-09, YES.

Distribution of pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk this Thursday.


the query will be extended for five days -from September 23 to 27- in order to guarantee the best conditions for voters, members of electoral commissions, observers and journalists, according to what the authorities separatists.

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So are the ballots

The pro-Russians have already started printing the ballots that will be used to vote in the coming days. “Are you in favor of the withdrawal of Ukraine from the oblast of Zaporizhiaof their independence and their entry into Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation?”, is the question that the participants in the consultation will have to answer in the case of Zaporizhia, whose ballot has been distributed on social networks. The vote, written in both Ukrainian and Russian, also shows the two possible answers: Yes either No.

The voting form also indicates that if the vote is not signed by two officials it will not be considered valid. The ballots of Kherson, Donetsk Y Lugansk they are similar.

The centers to vote in the referendum of accession to Russia are preparing.

The centers to vote in the referendum of accession to Russia are preparing.


Voters will be able to deposit their ballots in their homes, interior patios, public spaces and only during one day they will be able to do it in schools electoral traditional.

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The rush of Russia

Although the referendums were scheduled for next November 4, coinciding with the Russian national holiday, the withdrawal of Russian troops from the northeastern region of Kharkivthe Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south and the advance of the troops of Kyiv towards Lugansk caused the nervousness of the leaders pro-Russianwho decided to advance the consultation.

The front page of the pro-Russian newspaper 'Republica', on the front page of which appears the slogan 27-09, YES.

The front page of the pro-Russian newspaper ‘Republica’, on the front page of which appears the slogan 27-09, YES.

And due to the urgent reaction of the Duma, the Russian Chamber of Deputies, which on Tuesday supported the aspirations of the Ukrainian separatists, it is clear that these calls were agreed upon with the kremlin.

Of course, as soon as the news was known, the Russian stock markets suffered the biggest drop, 8.84%, since the start of the war on February 24.

“False Referendums”

Logically, the West will not recognize these plebiscites. For state Joined, these consultations are a sign of Russian weakness in Ukraine. “Russia is staging fake referendums three days in advance as it continues to lose ground on the battlefield,” White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday.

Distribution of pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk.

Distribution of pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk.


Other countries, such as France, Germany, Spain or your own Commission Europeanwho describe these “fictitious” referendums as “unacceptable” because “Russia’s attempt to legitimize its brutal occupation of Ukrainian territories will never be recognized.”

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Russia also annexed the autonomous republic of crimeathen part of Ukraine, through an illegal referendum held in 2014, the results of which have not been recognized by the international community.

Russia-Ukraine War

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