Recently I was talking about how the App Store’s gaming revenue strategy was so much chewed up that users as a server have already lost the curiosity to enter the App Store to see what’s new. But sometimes there are some proposals that give a good feeling, not because of the innovation they can bring, but because of the respect they maintain for the user. It is the case of Dilemo, a new quiz game for the iPhone.

A promising quiz game with the same “gameplay” as Tinder

iphone dilemma

The developers have not discovered the wheel: The Mexican firm Pictoline Games offers us a game of questions and answers that we must answer by sliding our finger to the right (answer true) or to the left (response false). A kind of “Tinder of questions”, if you prefer that definition.

In the style of the classic Trivial, Dilemo leaves us choose from several themes to submit ourselves to a series of questions that are resolved in a matter of a minute (to make it easy to do while we are on a bus, for example). As we overcome the first series of questions, the difficulty will go up and we will earn points.

The special cards are especially difficult and will be a challenge for any player

Each question is presented on a card, and there are special (and especially difficult) cards where you will have to swipe several times to build a correct sentence. These special cards give trophies that will reveal extra content in the game.

Gamification and monetization are not absent in Dilemo: you can double the points earned in each round of questions if you watch a video ad to unlock achievements faster. But what I consider a good point of the game is that in addition to an interface and an atmosphere that attract attention, that interface does not bother too much with that monetization. If you want to play for free, you play for free without the need to close offers or annoying alerts of promotions.

iphone dilemma

Be very careful with the difficulty curve: Dilemo is not as simple as it seems.

It is this respect for the user that leads me to recommend Dilemo as a game of questions and answers to turn to in idle moments. You can have a very well-crafted game, with an idea that breaks the mold, but if you add a layer of too annoying monetization notifications to that, you already break the experience you wanted to convey to users. Oh, and another very important thing about that respect: the application does not collect any personal data. Any. Zero.

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You can download Dilemo for free from the App Store, the only requirement is to have iOS 11 or a newer version installed of the system. At the moment its monetization is based on viewing ads, there is no in-app purchase. Maybe that will change in the future.


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