Simpsons co-showrunner Al Jean confirmed Lisa could be openly queer in future episodes

The co-showrunner of The Simpson, Al Jean, explained that Lisa could be openly queer after a season 34 episode shows the character having a relationship with a woman.

In the episode titled “Vacation from Future Past”the family simpsons establishes the tradition of taking a picture together after the Thanksgiving Day, this is how viewers can see them over the years thanks to a montage. However, a photo shows that Lisa he is in a relationship with another woman, and the following year, he appears to be in a polyamorous relationship with two other women.

For her part, Jean commented in an interview with DigitalSpy that it is possible to see Lisa being openly queer in the future. “In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, it is definitely a possibility for Lisa’s life. She is open and, you know, someone who loves everything. Why not?”, he added.

Although these episodes in the style “what would happen if” are not generally considered the real future, in another chapter of season 29, called “Mr. Lisa’s Opus”, the character meets Valeriewith the voice of Kat Dennings and Lisa thinks: “I have a friend… Oh.”

Could it be real?

In recent years, the show has made an effort to diversify its characters, and last year, Waylon Smithers, who appeared on the show in 2016, had a gay romance story with her boyfriend Michael DeGraaf, a fashion designer voiced by Victor Garber.

While the show does give some hints of Lisa’s future gay relationships, within the regular series timeline Lisa has only ever had boyfriends. However, on an animated show where ages never change and everything almost always goes back to status quo by the end of an episode, Lisa is one of the few exceptions to this standard.

For example, in episode 5 of season 7, “Lisa the vegetarian”, she permanently stops eating meat, indicating that the writers are more flexible in growing the character in the past and can make her canon within the story in the future.

The Simpson

What do cinephiles and cinephiles think? Would you like The Simpsons to show Lisa queer?

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