"ceiling" Medina, of "goofy" of Tinelli to be investigated for reduction to servitude

Marcelo “Teto” Medina managed to build an extensive career as a television host after being one of the first members who accompanied the beginnings on TV of Marcelo Tinelli. However, this Thursday He was arrested along with 16 other people in a case for alleged Illicit association and reduction to servitude for the purpose of labor exploitation in a community dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with addictions.

The beginnings of “Teto Medina” with Marcelo Tinelli

Medina, born on October 13, 1962 in Rosario del Tala, Entre Ríos, began his career as a teenager as an actor in advertisements. In the early 1990s, he was part of the first team of video matchalong with Marcelo Tinelli, which was broadcast at midnight on phone.


He was also part of the program Rhythm of the Night. From there it went to Happy Sunday and then to the panel indiscretionswhich Lucho Aviles was driving.

He then moved to Asunción, Paraguay, where he hosted the hit show play 13in 1998. Finally, he decided to return to Argentina, and on his return co-hosted the program with Georgina Barbarossa Come with Georgina.

His career as a driver

At the beginning of the 2000s he worked as host of several television series, among them Tetoneta program dedicated to computing, produced by himself and co-hosted by Florencia Florio and Maximiliano Firtman.

At that time, a strategic alliance was established for the launch in Argentina of I hatean online chat that appeared after ICQ and some time before MSN.

He also hosted, in 2002, the cable television program incorrigible, which was broadcast on Channel 26, while in 2006 he worked on the entertainment program come on we comein Magazine.


In 2007 he became a member of convictions together with Lucho Avilés and in June of that same year he replaced Matías Alé in Dancing for a Dream. He also participated, in 2007 and 2011, in Singing for a Dream.

He was also part of a solidarity radio program, blessed tvof The best of VivianeThe best of Blessed, this is the showThe best of Dreaming about dancing 2, Teto’s timeEl Chimentero, 90 days or less, Relentless and Connected with the present.

His stage as a musician

The television host, who received the key to the city of Rosario del Tala for his work in favor of Human Rights, also had a stint in music. In 1992 he released his first album “Mi forma de ser”produced by Afo Verde, and in 2007 he released his second album“Tetomanía”, produced by Ramón Garriga and Chino Courvoisier.


About his time with Rhythm of the Night and his time as a musician, he told in an interview: “The biggest people listened to me! Alejandro Lerner, on the air, even said: ‘in your style, you’re the best’. Ha, I don’t know He wanted to play it. And he even advised me on Flaco Spinetta. Once I gave him a complete song of mine, he told me: ‘Look, with that look, I kept going.’ A genius, the skinny one.”

The reason why “Teto” Medina was arrested

According to initial information, the arrest of Marcelo “Teto” Medina derived from a judicial investigation that weighs on the NGO “The reason to live”where he would have participation as Sociotherapeutic Operator in Addictions. The cause is labeled as “abandonment of a person and reduction to servitude, forced labor, illicit association, usurpation of authority and title, breach of the duties of a public official.”


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