The stars with a strong influence of Libra include, among others  actress Zoë Kravitz / Getty Images

September 23 is the official beginning of the Libra zodiac season. Representatives of this air sign are charming peacemakers, full of inner harmony. But did you know that each of the signs of the zodiac is related not only to personality traits, but also to appearance?

Although it is assumed that our appearance is determined primarily by the sign of the ascendant – apart from the sun and lunar signs, the most important point of the chart – some of the following features of appearance can be noticed at home if you have any Weight in the so-called The Big Three. Not sure how to check it? Take a look at our instructions below.

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  • What do the zodiacal Libra look like? Here are the most distinctive features

Long eyelashes and a flirty look

People born under the strong influence of Libra are generally characterized by a flirtatious, even seductive look. It is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac for a reason! The planet Venus commonly associated with strong feelings is, after all, its ruler. The scales also often have long and thick eyelashes, which only adds to their charm.

The stars with a strong influence of Libra include, among others actress Zoë Kravitz / Getty Images

Photo: Daniele Venturelli / Contributor / Getty Images

Full mouth

Among the Scales, we can also find a lot of female holders and holders of full lips (although they do not have to be large or wide) with a very distinct cupid’s bow. Often their lip redness is also quite intense. All this makes it difficult not to pay attention to the smile of the zodiacal Libra. We notice here, for example, in Beyonce, born under the influence of weight.

Arched eyebrows

They can be thin or thick, dark or light, but the usual zodiacal Libra can boast arched, slightly upward eyebrows.

Kim Cattrall - the famous series Samantha from

Kim Cattrall – the famous series Samantha from “Sex and the City” / Getty Images also has an importance in his Big Three

Photo: Getty Images / Handout / Getty Images

“Widow’s Spitz”

While the name of this trait may not sound appealing, it is about the distinctive V-shaped hairline. Its name comes from British folklore – it was believed that a woman endowed with this trait was to bury her husband quickly. Fortunately, there are tons of cases that contradict this legend. Jennifer Aniston was also born under Libra.

Something special

Freckles? Break between ones? Mole in an unusual place, or a birthmark? The beauty of the zodiacal Libra tends to be full of such surprises.

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