Wladimir Pizarro Baltras, the narco political operator that the RN now ignores

“What is a political operator? He is not an alien, nor is he a mobster, he is a person who says he works, but in reality his problem is doing activism in the shadow of public services, he is never working at his desk, but he arrives at the end of the month to collect his salary”. The definition corresponds to a National Renewal (RN) campaign called “Chao operators”, launched in 2018 by community deputies to identify political operators in the state. Nothing foreshadowed that, three years later, one of its militants, a regional official of the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention and recognized precisely for being a political operator, would be an undercover drug trafficker, today sentenced to 12 years for drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons. .

We are talking about Wladimir Pizarro Baltras, who until October 26, 2021 —the date on which he was arrested— worked as an official of the Presidential Delegation in the Antofagasta Region and at the same time as a supervisor of drone operators in the Undersecretary of Prevention of Crime led at the time by Katherine Martorell. He was in charge of helping to fight crime and dismantle different drug gangs through the operation of drones. However, instead of fighting, the former government official of Sebastián Piñera helped the drug trafficking organizations from within.

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Pizarro Baltras, before his arrest, was a well-known political operator in the area. Being well known, he was an active member of Renovación Nacional, participating in campaigns and being a close collaborator with different political figures in the region. This is evidenced by various photographs that the drug trafficker himself published on his social networks and that he can see at the end of the note.

In some of them, he appears with important RN figures, such as senators Paulina Núñez and Marcela Sabat, and the former conventionalist and former president of RN, Cristián Monckeberg. The foregoing, very much in keeping with his function as a relevant figure for territorial and electoral work. All of them, however, now that the conviction is known and in the face of calls from El Mostrador, most of them preferred to remain silent and disassociate themselves from whoever was a recognized political collaborator in the area. RN sources even claim that they do not know who is the person who brought him to RN.

The only one who answered The counter It was Senator Sabat, who rejected any link with Pizarro Baltras, assuring that the photo in which they appear together was taken in a meeting with other RN militants. “It is a photo in the context of a national RN meeting and one takes photos with militants who ask for it, but one does not know them all. From the photo I knew it was him (Pizarro), but I do not know him. I don’t know him at all,” he stressed. Neither Núñez nor Monckeberg referred to the subject, keeping complete secrecy.

It is worth mentioning that the Antofagasta Oral Criminal Trial Court sentenced Pizarro Baltras on Saturday, September 17, 2022, to 13 years and one day in effective prison after being found guilty as the perpetrator of the consummated crime of illegal drug trafficking. and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. Pizarro was sentenced along with Bernardo Alexander Rojas Reyes, Cristián Andrés Orellana Báez and Pablo Antonio García Pacheco for integrating a criminal gang dedicated to drug trafficking, in vehicles with government logos.

It is worth mentioning that the case of Wladimir Pizarro is not the first of its kind that shakes RN. In 2019, the councilor of La Calera Karim Chahuán was arrested for looting during the social outbreak and his links with drug trafficking were uncovered.

ultra profile

After being arrested, Pizarro Baltras changed the name of his Facebook profile, but he remained active, criticizing figures of other political tendencies, whom he even associated with drug trafficking. He issued harsh epithets against the president of the Constitutional Convention Elisa Loncón, disqualified President Gabriel Boric, and questioned social mobilizations and feminism.

His last message before going to jail was a photograph with a subject carrying a sign with the phrase “Out with the UN, the constituent clowns and the communists.”

In addition to the criticism he launched on social networks, also towards figures such as Daniel Jadue, Karol Cariola or Camila Vallejo, Pizarro Baltras supported the political campaigns of members of his political sector, such as that of senator Paulina Núñez and former mayor Marco Antonio Díaz. . Of course, despite his militancy, he showed himself to be a staunch supporter of José Antonio Kast.

The deputy Emilia Shneider (Commons) made a call through Twitter: “Will the reappeared Sebastián Piñera say something? Or the right-wing deputies who gargled with the drug test like Juan Antonio Coloma. The link between drug trafficking and politics is unacceptable. It’s getting rich off the pain of so many families. Are you going to keep quiet?”

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