8 health problems caused by autumn, and how to avoid them

If when autumn arrives you begin to notice a little depression, nervousness, mood swings, and tiredness, you may suffer from what psychologists call autumn anxiety. And beware that children also suffer.

The autumn anxiety is a feeling of anxiety, nervousness, depression Y stress that many people feel when summer ends, and the rain and clouds of fall They start to make an appearance.

This depressive state is affected by change of season, as the days get shorter, there is less sunlight and bad weather favors depression. But it is also related to social changes and obligations which means saying goodbye to summer and beginning autumn.

The end of summer means spending less time outdoors, starting work or school, increased obligations and homework, and other big changes. Some people are overwhelmed by this, causing what psychologists call a Seasonal Affective Disorderor Autumn Anxiety.

9 health problems caused by autumn, some will surprise you

Fortunately, since it is a very localized and specific problem, it is also easier to treat.

The fall anxiety symptoms are disturbances in sleep patterns, low mood, depression, stress, excessive worry and anxiety. You may also feel more irritable, more tired, or lose interest in everyday activities.

How can you combat autumn anxiety? Kimberly Asner-Self, professor of the mental health sciences clinic at Touro College in New York, gives some clues on the ActiveBeat health website.

How to overcome autumn anxiety

First of all, it is appropriate spend more time outdoors, under sunlight, as much as possible. It is also recommended eat foods that provide vitamin D, such as tuna, all oily fish, eggs, mayonnaise or pasta.

We must add to the diet plenty of nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, and dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa.

Another good tip is do regular exercise.

If you are overwhelmed by things like staying home because of bad weather, turn it to your advantage. Set up your favorite corner and plan activities that you really likein those hours that overwhelms you being at home.

What is mindfulness, and how does it relieve stress and anxiety?

What is mindfulness, and how does it relieve stress and anxiety?

In the case of the childrenIt’s a good idea to start the school day at bedtime, a week or two before school starts, so they get used to it.

Yes they are overwhelmed by going to school, you can go with them a couple of times before classes, and play in the courtyard or the surroundings, so that they get used to it. It also helps to meet class friends for snacks or games.

They are simple tips to apply, and it is proven by professionals that they are efficient for combat autumn anxiety and stress.

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