Enzo Pérez and another epic night: he cut short again!

Four goalkeepers (Enzo and Ponzio were added)

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Julius Chiarini: he won four international cups alongside Ponzio.

Augustus Battle: companions until his departure from CARP in 2018.

German Lux: they were champions and retired at the club in 2021.

Henry Bologna: He arrived at River in 2016 and accompanied Leo until 2021.

Enzo planted himself in the arch again!  (Marcel Carroll)

Enzo planted himself in the arch again! (Marcel Carroll)

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Andres D’Alessandro: they won the Cup in the Sub 20. They shared in Zaragoza and River.

Bruno Urribarri: He debuted in Boca and hit the wave with Leo in River, in 2014.

Marcelo Larrondo: he played with Ponzio in his short stay at River.

D'Alessandro put on River's shirt again.  (Marcel Carroll)

D’Alessandro put on River’s shirt again. (Marcel Carroll)

Ariel Rojas: in his two cycles in River was the Lion.

Nicholas Bertolo: friends for his years in Zaragoza and River.

Jonathan Botinelli: he played two years with him in post-promotion CARP.

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Pure River Plate history

Leonard Astrada: a historical. He managed the team twice, but not Leo.

Fernando Cavenaghi: heroes of the ascent and champions of the first Cup of the cycle.

Enzo Francescoli: legend and manager of River de Gallardo.

Enzo’s seal!

Ariel Ortega: The River Plate leader won the Clausura 2008 with Leo.

El Burrito Ortega tried the goal several times.  (Marcel Carroll)

El Burrito Ortega tried the goal several times. (Marcel Carroll)

Hernan Diaz: figure in Nunez.

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Don't let Ponzio go anymore

Ignatius Fernandez: key code. He lived the peak of the cycle with Ponzio.

Lucas Pratt: with their goals they were champions of America in 2018.

Alexander Dominguez: in the bad: they raised River in 2012.

Ignatius Scocco: friends. The two, born in Newell’s and adopted by River.

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Nicholas Sunday: they celebrated the Clausura 2008. Then, another title in 2016.

August Fernandez: champions in 2008.

Paul Ferrari: of rival origin, twinned with Leo in River.

Danilo Gerlo: boss of the 2008 team’s backline.

Martin Aguirre: They have known each other from promotion to retirement in 2015, which was at CARP.

What a bench of substitutes!  (Marcel Carroll)

What a bench of substitutes! (Marcel Carroll)

Fernando Belluschi: they played together at Newell’s and River.

Sebastian Abreu: They won the Clausura.

One more madness of Abreu

Marcelo Escudero: just like him: he was born in Ñuls and won the Cup with River -1996-.

Ivan Alonso: colleagues between 2016 and 2017.

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Mauro Rosales: they won the Under 20 World Cup and the Clausura.

Paul Erbin: el Cabezón won an Inter-American Cup with River.

Gustavo Canals: played at Nunez in 2010.

Peter Alfonso: the actor and Leo have a very good relationship.

Leo, the pampered of the night, converted

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The racket said present

William Coria: captain of Argentina in the Davis Cup and confessed fan of River.

David Nalbandian: the former tennis player, River fan and friend.

Nalbandian from Cordoba, a born athlete: tennis, rally and now football.  (Carroll)

Nalbandian from Cordoba, a born athlete: tennis, rally and now football. (Carroll)

This was Nalbandian’s goal

They couldn’t use their horses

Nicholas Piers: figure of Ellerstina, the polo team.

Gonzalo Pieres: like his brothers, friend of Ponzio.

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Facundo Pieres: No. 1 of the team and one of the best on top of the horse.

Hilario Ulloa: Ellerstina player.

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Two ironworkers joined the party

Facundo Ardusso: the TC pilot and Leo hang out often.

Joseph Ciantini: the former pilot, Leo’s barbecue partner.

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The top moments of Ponzio's farewell

Alvaro Aquinas: a great friend of Leo.

Luciano Vela: partners at Newell’s and River.

William Marino: companions in Ñuls.

What luxury from Cavenaghi!

Max Rodriguez: Capo de Selección: together between 1999 and 2002 in Leprosy.

Luciano Galletti: member of Zaragoza of the Argentines.

Diego and Gabriel Milito: friends and ex cumpas in Zaragoza.

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Ernest Farias: they shared a season in River.

Javier Brizuela: friend, he even invited him to sing folklore!

Gustavo Lietti: the Bird, my friend, dedicated a zamba to him.

Brian Romero: ex cumpa in 2021, traveled from Porto Alegre to be.

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Paul Lunatti: directed with show.

*also participated current squad players. Some added minutes.

Lunati dispensed justice.  (Marcel Carroll)

Lunati dispensed justice. (Marcel Carroll)

This is how the farewell was opened

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