On September 23, the Sun will enter the sign of Libra, beginning the season of Libra; the time of seeking balance and harmony, as well as the halfway point of the astrological year. This is the harvesting period of our work so far. A time to look at how far we’ve come and plan the remainder of the year. The Libra season is a time of summing up what has been achieved and deciding which way to go next. Check what awaits you in the near future.


We know you rely a lot on your understanding, but during the Libra season, try to establish a better connection with your emotions. Listen to yourself to get to know your desires better. What do you want? What’s playing in your soul? Focus on what your heart tells you, try to live in harmony with your values ​​and beliefs. Surround yourself with people you care about. If you throw away your fears and get rid of your medication, you will have a fruitful and exciting adventure in the coming weeks. You just have to allow yourself to do it.


This month you will stand at a crossroads, an obstacle that may seem insurmountable at first will appear in your way. Open up to unconventional solutions that will help you deal with problems that may overwhelm you. The more you analyze situations and relationships, the more difficult it will be for you to understand them. The truth is, your mind and heart need a break from trying to figure out the motives of others. Taking a moment to distract yourself from your thoughts will provide the perspective you need and allow you to see many things differently. This way you will be able to react less dramatically and more amicably.


You have been looking away from your own problems for a long time, which causes you to focus on others instead of your own relationships. Before judging your friends and family, you should understand the context and work with your loved ones to find the best solution to your problems. Try to stay neutral and look objectively at your current situation. Don’t be proud and don’t hold a grudge. Learn to appreciate those who offer you their love and friendship. You are surrounded by people you can really rely on.


There will be a lot going on during the Libra season. There will be people in your environment who, with their selfish behavior, will try to divert your attention from important issues and sow seeds of uncertainty in you. An emotional rollercoaster awaits you this month, your feelings will be buzzing like in a boiling cauldron. Be very careful with the relationship, sometimes a small spark can start a huge fire. Weigh the words you say, do not get provoked into an argument. Take care of yourself and carefully guard your borders.


This month, prepare for strong emotions as the cosmos opens up to the need for immediate expression. You have a lot to discuss with your loved ones, but do you really have enough time to get it all done right now? Try to give others space to process your accumulated emotions. Remember that everyone reacts differently. The cosmic vibrations of the Libra season can lead to conflicts, so remember that not everything can be quickly resolved and explained.


Making tough decisions, especially those about your own development, is never easy and can take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. During the Libra season, you will be able to count on stable ground under your feet, which will bring extremely successful results. Use your strengths, your entrepreneurship for which you are known. Thanks to this, you will gain self-confidence and allow yourself to accept the gifts that life will offer you with an open heart.


You play by set rules, which certainly affects your confidence, but you have a grudge against those who choose the easier path, don’t always play fair, and are more successful at a crazy pace. Don’t let such people occupy your attention. You don’t need awards and high status to prove your worth. You have something no one else has: clout. Believe in yourself. Trust your instincts.


You may feel that something is finally starting to change in your personal and professional life, but Libra season is not the right time to make important decisions. Use this time to plan your next steps and expand your network of contacts, whether on LinkedIn or at office events that you usually avoid.


Have you often felt lately that your work is becoming more and more tedious, with some of the tasks “below” your skills? You didn’t go to college to put names on a spreadsheet. Remember that work often consists of things that are of little importance to you, but that make life easier for others. Try to focus on the bigger picture of what you are doing and remember that your supervisors appreciate and recognize your hard work. Even if you can’t see it yourself. During the Libra season, you will start to think more about where you live. Is where you are now your dream place on Earth? Maybe it’s time to finally dare to change?


This month you need to be open to the changes that are inevitably coming. Unplanned events and surprises can shake the foundations of your organized world, transform old structures into something completely different. You will have no influence on it, so submit yourself to them with confidence. During the Libra season, you will finally get the loan or paycheck you’ve been waiting for.


Mercury retrograde will cause highs and lows in the money area. The coming month can be a great time to reassess your finances and look objectively at your spending habits. A successful change in the area of ​​finance awaits you on October 2. After October 22, focus on saving and investments, and evaluate your long-term expenses.


During the season of Libra, your values ​​will change to match your transcendent needs. This month you will adopt an idealistic stance, but others may turn out to be unscrupulous and untrustworthy. There is no place in your world for people who cheat. Instead of arguing with those who have proved unworthy, choose your path. Don’t waste your time and energy confronting people who don’t deserve it. In the weeks to come, focus on yourself and not on others.

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