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The President of Russia has justified that Western countries “pushed Ukraine into war”

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation this Wednesday.AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to decree a partial military mobilization, reports the Russian state news agency TASS, quoting the Mash Telegram channel: “We are talking about defending territories and defending Russia“. Until now, moscow such a move has been resisted despite mounting losses, largely to avoid public discontent.

In a pre-recorded speech that delayed its broadcast, scheduled for Tuesday night, Putin has justified its military aggression and has uttered the word “war” for the first time: “The Westerners pushed Ukraine to war with us.” “kyiv has refused to negotiate peace and is trying to get nuclear weapons,” said the Russian president.

“We are not only fighting against the neo-Nazis, but against the entire Western military deployment,” he accuses Putinto justify the mobilization of its population, and has launched a clear threat to use nuclear weapons if the “territorial integrity of the country” is threatened. Russia“. “We will use all means to defend ourselves, and we are not bragging,” warned the Russian president, who has repeated his warning: “I insist, we will defend ourselves with all the means we have.”

Putin has accused West of participating in a nuclear blackmail against Russia. In his televised speech, the Russian leader has warned that Russia it has “many weapons to respond” to what it calls Western threats.

mobilization of reservists

The Ministry of Defense has arranged to summon the military reservists to active service from this very Wednesday, since Russia faces a protracted conflict with Ukraine. The Armed Forces will resort only to military reservistshas clarified the president, who has promised that they will provide additional training along with the corresponding remuneration to people in active military service.

In his speech, Putin has insisted on the usual line of Russian propaganda, assuring that the Ukrainian government has reinforced its army with troops trained by the NATOmany of whom are “neo-Nazi extremists”.

Putin has also ordered an increase in funds to boost the country’s arms production to support the war effort of moscow in Ukraine. “I trust your support,” he has told the Russians.

Support for annexation referendums in the Donbs

Four regions occupied by Russia have announced their referendum plans to join the Russian Federation. The West regards the vote as a sham and illegal. If these Ukrainian regions become Russian soil, Moscow may present the fighting on occupied territory as an attack on Russia. There Putin finds the justification to mobilize part of his two million military reservists.

In an apparently coordinated move, pro-Russian leaders installed by Moscow in charge of the occupied territories announced referendums from September 23 to 27 in the provinces of Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson Y Zaporizhia. Together they represent about 15% of the Ukrainian territory, an area the size of Portugal about.

“The blast of Lugansk is almost released, and we are making progress in releasing the blast from Donetsk“, confirmed Putin, who affirms that the front line in the ukrainian war stretches over more than 1,000 km. “We will do everything possible to ensure that the referendums can be held safely,” the Russian president announced.

From the environment of Kremlin they frame the referendums for the occupied regions as an ultimatum to the West to accept Russian territorial gains or face all-out war with a nuclear-armed enemy.

For their part, the allies of Ukraine they describe the referendums as a “farce” and open themselves to the possibility of imposing more sanctions. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has affirmed in the UN General Assembly, which is being held this week and in which both Joe Biden and Volodimir Zelenski will participate this Wednesday. “If it wasn’t tragic, it would be a parody.”

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