The Prosecutor’s Office asked yesterday to prosecute the member of the ruling PRD and former leader of “Team Martín”, Rod Díaz, for money laundering, while the prosecutor Mahmad Daud Hasan revealed that the “Cachaza” who received “bribes” from Odebrecht, was the former president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela.

One of the first to be mentioned in the support of the Prosecutor’s Office was the PRD member Rodrigo Díaz Paredes, of whom it was noted that he was an applicant for the CEN of the PRD and that through Mundial de Valores, Villa Loly and Logaro received funds from Odebrecht. Some of the transfers were made by Klenfield Services and accounts at Citi Bank of New York were used.

Among the transfers that are cited there is one for 1 million 163,969.34 and another for $545,818.86. The Prosecutor’s Office showed part of André Rabello’s statement that speaks of a payment of $5.5 million to the PRD government and also speaks of another sum of $12 million.

The Prosecutor’s Office maintained that this money had supposedly come from the Madden Colón highway projects, in the Government of Martìn Torrijos.

Another who also received strong accusations was former president Juan Carlos Varela, who allegedly received millions from Odebrecht.

The funds to Varela came through the Don James Foundation, Poseidon Enterprises LLC and BV Tech Group Inc, companies that were recipients of funds from the “illicit money” that came out of Box 2 of Odebrecht.

Varela tried to give the appearance of legality to those funds, but they were “bribes disguised as a donation,” shouted the now questioned prosecutor Mahmad Daud Hasan.

Via the Don James Foundation since December 30, 2008, and using account 33X010434 of The Bank Of New York, the first contribution from Odebrecht came from “Gigolino” (Olivio Rodrigues): for $150,000, and on February 25, 2009 another transfer by the same route and the same sum.

There were also sums that left the Meinl Bank (Old) to the Private Bank of Andorra.

Using the company Jiu Shun International, the Prosecutor’s Office revealed that Varela received funds for $3.7 million that reached the Shenzhen Development Bank.

“Odebrecht provided the companies and the banks…it was a tailor-made suit to perfect bribery, the company controlled everything,” said Mahmad Daud Hasan.

Prosecutor Daud Hasan stated that it is clear that Cachaza’s pseudonym is in reference to former President Varela, because it is a Portuguese word that refers to rum. At Odebrecht they were creative… the nicknames related it to the person’s profile. The Prosecutor’s Office also ruled out the version of businessman Juan Antonio Niño, that the money he received from Odebrecht companies were products of insurance and reinsurance contracts.

In its support, the Prosecutor’s Office also maintained that the funds received by Niño and his company Active Capital were illegal, the product of bribes received from Odebrecht. Payments from 2014 to 2015 for $6.9 million were indicated, also involving Meinl Bank and Sigma Investment Fund.

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