Pontus Rasmusson's own words about the shutdown: "It is the Jantelagen"

The controversial YouTube profile and TikTok celebrity Pontus Rasmusson, 24, is a big child idol. He has become well known for his children’s show-like clips on YouTube where he does various challenges, often with his parents Carina Rasmusson62, and father Patrik Rasmusson54.

But that’s not the only content that Pontus makes. He has also made videos where topics such as incest and rape are discussed, and where he reads out what are said to be the fans’ “secrets”. There were witnesses to sexual abuse and rape.

Those clips have been strongly questioned as Pontus has not urged those who wrote to him to contact an adult or make a police report if they have been the victim of a sexual crime.

Pontus Rasmusson alternated child-friendly content with videos about rape and incest. Now YouTube has shut down his biggest account. Image source: Instagram/pontusrasmusson

Svenska Dagbladet reviewed Pontus Rasmusson

In May of this year, he also posted a clip that attracted a lot of attention on TikTok. For a video of himself he wrote:

“If I take your virginity, I’ll never leave you. I mean, why would I ever leave a girl who trusted me with her body?”.

In addition to the sexualized content, Pontus has faced massive criticism after asking his followers to call in to various phone numbers to join his live broadcasts on TikTok. What several of the children who have called him have not understood is that each call costs SEK 9.90.

Svenska Dagbladet recently did a major review of Pontus Rasmusson, and then came into contact with a mother of three from Småland who received a phone bill of over SEK 10,000. Her daughter had called Pontus 1000 times, without getting through. She didn’t know that the calls cost money.

In his webshop, Pontus Rasmusson sold thongs for SEK 199. “One day you might be able to show them to the man behind the design (Pontus)” it read on the website.

YouTube shut down Pontus Rasmusson’s biggest channel

After Svenska Dagbladet’s review, the company Partykungen.se has broken its collaboration with him. And a few days ago it became clear that YouTube is shutting down Pontus’ biggest channel, where he had 177,000 subscribers and 89.5 million views, writes Svenska Dagbladet.

Andrea Lewis Åkerman is the communications manager at Google in Sweden and in an email to Svenska Dagbladet she told more about the decision to shut down Rasmusson’s YouTube channel.

“After review, we have shut down Pontus Rasmusson’s channel for violating our child safety policy, which prohibits content that sexualizes minors”.

On YouTube, Pontus Rasmusson had over 170,000 subscribers. Image source: Youtube/Pontus Rasmusson

Pontus Rasmusson’s words about YouTube’s decision: “It’s the Jante law”

In a series of stories on Instagram, Pontus Rasmusson writes that “in 1 minute the only dream I have disappeared”. He also believes that it is because of the “Jantelagen” that his account has been closed.

“We live in a country that says if things are going ‘too well’ for someone (one of the fastest growing channels last year) then you have to be pushed down to earth again ‘Jante’,” he writes, among other things, in a story.

Pontus Rasmusson believes that it is because of the “Jantelagen” that his account is closed. Image source: Instagram/pontusrasmusson

Source: Then24

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