While on a dream vacation in Bali, Tey Evans from Melbourne was attacked by dogs while riding a scooter. He was left for dead on the side of the road.

Horrible ! Misfortune can happen at any time, even during the holidays. This is obviously what happened in the case of Tey Evans, of Melbourne. Indeed, this tourist had stayed in Bali in order to take full advantage of his vacation in this heavenly place. Tey Evans was surfing with friends when the incident happened, reports Mirror. This month-long stay ended very badly for this vacationer who was attacked by a pack of dogs while he was riding a scooter.

Tey Evans, 35, was with friends in Bali to relax. Jessica Dennis, his partner, remembers that Everything was going well in his marriage. The couple got engaged while on vacation in Europe. The future husband was found on the side of the road in critical condition with multiple injuries. He was rushed to hospital, reports the media. This incident took place last August. Tey Evans has been in a coma for two daysaccording Mirror. Reason why his family was not informed of his situation. After learning of what had happened, Jessica Dennis quickly joined her husband in Bali. Tey Evans suffered from a “internal bleeding from punctured lung, broken ribs, ruptured spleen, damaged kidney, fractured elbow and vertebra and pelvis”according Mirror.

A shock that could have been fatal

According to media information, Tey Evans would have moved on two wheels in the south of Kuta at the time of the facts. It would have been attacked by three stray dogs. By trying to dodge these animals, he would have spun before being projected onto a concrete slab. The shock was obviously very violent since he fell into a coma. “When he arrived at the hospital, the doctors could not find a pulse and he was immediately taken to surgery,” explained his wife. The severity of his injuries and the great loss of blood made surgeons nervous. They would have claimed that Tey Evans would not survive the operation.

“I was told he had a 60 per cent chance of surviving. When they realized they didn’t have enough blood, that number dropped to 30,” Jessica Dennis told Yahoo News Australia. “I didn’t know there was such a chance that he wouldn’t make it, I had no idea and I don’t know if I’m grateful to him or not,” she added. Good news ! Upon arrival at the hospital in Nusa DuaJessica Dennis was relieved to learn that her fiancé survived her surgery. “His miraculous survival is due in large part to the help of the Balinese who stepped up to save his life,” Explain Mirror.

The locals mobilized to donate blood

Local solidarity was decisive for the survival of Tey Evans. Indeed, it was one of his friends who had called on a man living in the area whom he knew. It was the latter who had then mobilized the people around when he knew that there was not enough O-negative blood to save Tey Evans. Their efforts have obviously paid off since they have managed to find “a bus full of locals” who were willing to donate blood in order to save the 35-year-old man.

Faced with the large number of people wanting to help Tey Evans, doctors also volunteered toopen a nearby hospital. This in order to be able to test all blood donors. This collected enough blood to save Tey Evans. “Bag by bag, they finally had enough. It’s crazy how many people you have to thank for Tey being alive today, it’s unbelievable”, had confided with emotion Jessica Dennis.

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