When the CSDM revives the spotlight at the HCME

The President of the Commission for Constitutional Laws, Legislation, Justice, Human Rights and Institutions of the Republic of the National Transitional Council (CNT), Souleymane DE, received, on Monday September 19, 2022, at the institution’s headquarters at the Bamako International Conference Center (CICB), a delegation from the Higher Council of the Malian Diaspora (CSDM) chaired by Chérif Mohamed Haïdara. This meeting focused on the new electoral law adopted by the CNT on June 17, 2022 and promulgated by the President of the transition on June 24, 2022. During this meeting, the CSDM denounced the provisions of article 178 of the electoral law which, according to him, excludes it in “the designation of the representatives of the diaspora to the High Council of Territorial Communities and to the Economic, Social and Cultural Council”.

During this meeting, a press release was read by the general secretary of the CSDM, Makan Sidibé. “After the publication of this new electoral law in the official journal, to our great surprise, we found that despite the unanimous vote of the members of the CNT for amendment 91 concerning the withdrawal of article 183 from the bill initial, the latter was maintained and became Article 178 in the version promulgated by the President of the Transition, Head of State,” he said.

According to him, article 183, initial draft version, as well as article 178 in the promulgated version say: “National Councilors are elected at the level of each region and district by a college composed of all the Municipal Councilors in exercise in the region or in the district.

Malians living abroad are represented by three (3) National Councilors elected according to the rules determined by the High Council of Malians Abroad”. Makan Sidibé indicated that Malians living abroad were unpleasantly surprised to see that the provision of the old article 183 figures prominently in the new article 178. no change compared to the former mode of appointment of the representatives of the Diaspora to the High Council of Territorial Collectivities and to the Economic, Social and Cultural Council.

And that the High Council of Malians Abroad keeps the exclusivity of this designation based on its own criteria; what we deny. The High Council of Malians living abroad could not on its own appoint the representatives of the diaspora to the High Council of Territorial Collectivities and to the Economic, Social and Cultural Council or any other institution of the Republic, because there are other organizations umbrella organizations representing Malians living abroad, in particular the CSDM,” he said.

He recalled that the CSDM and the HCME are the two umbrella organizations that appointed the six Malian representatives abroad to the CNT. “For all of these reasons, we wanted to inform national and international opinion, to obtain explanations from the law commission on the reasons which led to this choice to exclude us purely and simply from the appointment of representatives in the two institutions mentioned above, whereas as an umbrella organization, since the creation of the CSDM, we have, like the HCME, taken part in the assembly of actions initiated by the State”, he said. he concluded.

For his part, the president of the CSDM, Chérif Mohamed Haïdara, has made it known that he will not accept the violation of their rights. “We are asking for absolutely nothing except the rights of Malians living abroad. Our support for the transitional authorities is unwavering,” said CSDM President Chérif Mohamed Haïdara. As for the president of the CNT Law Commission, Souleymane Dé, he reassured the CSDM that this electoral law of 2022 is transitional and will be revised as soon as a new constitution is adopted.

To this end, he said, the concerns of the CSDM will be taken care of. “For us, every Malian counts. My role is that of stabilization. We have no intention of eliminating an entity,” he concluded.

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