The athletics tournament as part of the 2022 Spartakiad was held back in August in Chelyabinsk. But, just as at the Olympics the marathon is taken beyond the limits of the classical athletics competitions, so here the principle is the same. If we follow the Olympic program, then to the end!

The Moscow Marathon has become part of the Spartakiad, and this is a brilliant idea, the very synergistic effect when both brands work positively for each other at the same time.

I remember when the Moscow Marathon was just beginning, how many complaints there were! Sometimes even insulting ridicule was enough: they say, the Moscow Marathon will never stand on a par with the giants – London, Boston, Paris, Berlin. Yes, 10 years ago, 5,000 people were really pathetic by top standards. Where did the “adults” have up to thirty, or even fifty thousand?

Quite a bit of time has passed – and the skeptics are disgraced: this time 37 thousand people have registered! And this despite a two-year pause, the fault of which was covid and the restrictions associated with it.

On September 18, a real holiday stepped onto the streets of Moscow. His route passed through the central streets, including Tverskaya, Chistoprudny Boulevard and Bolshaya Ordynka, as well as the embankments of the capital.

Iskander Yadgarov became the winner of the Moscow marathon. The athlete (at the same time – an amateur!) ran a distance of 42 kilometers 195 meters in 2 hours 14 minutes 37 seconds. Yadgarov said that he did not imagine winning the marathon.

– Even in the morning I was hoping that serious preparation would allow me to easily run this marathon and enjoy it. But this does not happen, the last kilometers pulled all the forces out of me, – said the winner of the race.

The athlete said that the victory was important for him in his career. He added that recently he managed to solve health problems. The athlete struggled with a vertebral hernia.

– In the next week, I think I will fall into a psychological hole. Therefore, I will wrap myself in a blanket, I will lie down and come to my senses, ”Yadgarov shared.

Russian athlete Vladimir Nikitin won the 10 km distance in the Moscow Marathon.

The athlete updated his own record at this distance, his time is 28 minutes 11 seconds. In 2020, Vladimir Nikitin set a track record of 28 minutes 22 seconds.

The participant of the Moscow marathon was met at the finish line by her lover with a ring and proposed to her.

The girl, whose name is not called, ran the entire distance. In addition to her young man, flowers were waiting for her at the finish line, and the event was commented on through the loudspeaker:

– Shut up! She ran 42.2! She said “Yes!”


Moscow marathon


1. Iskander Yadgarov – 2:14.37

2. Stepan Kiselev – 2:14.48

3. Ildar Minshin – 2:14.58.


1. Marina Kovaleva – 2:29.08

2. Lyudmila Lebedeva – 2:31.49

3. Alina Prokopieva – 2:31.51.

10 km


1. Vladimir Nikitin – 28.11

2. Pavel Adyshkin – 29.06

3. Yuri Kloptsov – 29.34


1. Elena Korobkina – 32.06

2. Elizabeth Pogudo – 32.27

3. Louise Dmitrieva – 33.43.

Source: Sovsport

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