Letter to my Uncle Bass

Dear grandfather! We have finally arrived. The great revolution on Independence Boulevard under the aegis of the M-5, lawyers, Me Mountaga Tall, Me Aly Bathily, the Democrat Sy Kadiatou Sow and others, brought us here. Colonel Assimi Goïta, the “plenipotentiary President of Mali”, President of the transition and Head of State. Long live the revolution ! Victoria siempre!

Long live Colonel Assimi Goïta! And thank you to the great democrats and men of law who allowed us this day of great victory. We are free and sovereign. So sovereign with a Plenipotentiary President of Mali, that no words can describe. Yes Grandpa! We have a Plenipotentiary President!

Montesquieu was mad. Separating powers? To do what ? Rousseau was myopic, what contract between who and who and why limit? Lincoln had understood nothing. From the Boulevard de l’Indépendance, we can solve everything. Secular religious leaders, lawyers in all directions, putschist democrats and a liberating army against democracy. And give us this long-awaited gift from the universe. A plenipotentiary president!

Yes dear grandfather! A President who from the top of his floor of the President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, acts in court. A President who, from the top of his near-divine decree, makes and breaks the legislature. Not to mention the government he once appointed. Decrees that affect everything and can do everything. Decrees that name de naming and manu-militari!

You did not understand anything ? I exemplify you. You know the stage where a man can’t stop. Where he says whatever he wants, does whatever he thinks. This stage where the man has no other control over his desires or his anger. At the moment, no other call to order comes to him either from himself or from outside. No order, neither social, nor moral, nor religious, nor spiritual. This is the stage in the life of a nation to the President Plenipotentiary.

Yes dear grandpa! It is this moment when the mind is the only one that controls everything. With the army, pardon the strength of body and hands with him. The moment when reason (judicial power) no longer says Stop! The moment when the conscious heart (legislative power) no longer dictates anything. But it is the mind that decides and does everything without reason or conscience. President Plenipotentiary!

I leave you here grandpa with my 37th letter. While praying that we return to reason and conscience. That the President Plenipotentiary agrees to diminish his power by returning to the Charter. That the legislative, be the legislator, that to the judge returns his power that to the President and his government, the policy and all the policy of the nation in order to leave this transit. A transit which is not the destination. See you next Tuesday. Insha’Allah!

Letter from Koureichy

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