Doping test in the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva gave a positive result. The foreign press writes about it today.

Recall that in February, during the Olympic Games, when a resonant scandal broke out around Kamila Valieva, who was caught doping, representatives of the Russian headquarters requested an autopsy of V.

What is it for? When there is confidence that the anti-doping laboratory made a mistake.

And now all doubts have been dispelled: doping test B also gave a positive result.

What does it mean? We will not talk about sanctions against the athlete herself and the coach disgraced all over the world. But the probability of depriving the Russian national team of the “gold” of the team figure skating tournament at the Olympic tournament is very high. Yes, to be honest, I don’t believe in any other options.

You can’t go deeper. On doping – a young, 15-year-old talent. If anyone else had doubts that Russia is a country of doping, they have long been dispelled. We clung to legal nuances, bargained and demanded to cross out the line about the state doping support system. They met us halfway – in December 2017, this charge was dropped (although all the points deciphering it were fully proven), they offered to start everything from scratch, they promised not to poke around in our Sochi-2014 machinations anymore – on one condition: follow the “road map ”, show that you really eradicate doping, and not just make loud statements from the high stands. But we managed to mess up here too – just one story with fake certificates that were drawn to athletes directly within the walls of the athletics federation (ARAF), from non-existent doctors in non-existent clinics located at non-existent addresses, which is worth it! And when we were caught by the hand over and over again, we began to yell loudly: oh, they are unfair to us, but look at yourself, what American gymnasts, what Norwegian asthmatic skiers! Instead of admitting that we filmed a hangover with meldonium, at the Games in Pyeongchang we told fables for a month that now, as soon as we remove all the records from surveillance cameras, we see an intruder who pours a doping drug into our noble soup … We smashed RUSADA, sending us to the resignation of the ascetics – Ganus and Pakhnotskaya, we demanded that hearings be held at the CAS behind closed doors (and should honest people be ashamed of something?). It ended in disgrace over and over again. Therefore, if a person suddenly shouts at you about injustice on the part of WADA, ask calmly: is he an idiot or a provocateur? WADA exists for only one purpose – to clean the sport of doping. If we cannot cope on our own, they help us – time after time. And for this we must say thank you, and not invent why they caught us now.

Of course, I am far from thinking about the malicious intent of a 15-year-old child. And I’m not even ready to talk about negligence. Because I don’t know the details yet. But the rules are written for the athletes of all teams are the same, the athlete is responsible for everything that enters his body. Responsible athlete – even more so.

Perhaps now there is more important news. But the myth that Russia has clean athletes has long exhausted itself.

We have received a new blow. For many years we cannot wash off this trail. And we’re not going to, it seems. Again launched by a dream of voices that shout one thing: all around are liars, we do not believe you! A great argument when there is nothing to answer and you are poked with your nose into your own urine (well, athletes pee in a test tube, so this is not for the sake of a red word!)

Source: Sovsport

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