Zodiac signs watch out: These activities are waiting for you!

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There are a few things you can do this week. Here you can find out which of you is the bundle of energy or the person who prefers to lean back.

The waning moon is now moving into the zodiac sign Leo. With this constellation, we can do household chores effortlessly. A good time to get things done. The days leading up to the weekend are associated with the element of fire. Due to its power, we find it very pleasant and more enterprising than usual. We are also already heading for the new moon on Sunday, a moon phase in which a new beginning is almost at our door. For everyone who has planned change, now is the right time to set new goals and open yourself to change of any kind. A little tip for all romantics among you: On the night of the new moon, regardless of your own awakened power, there is a better chance of spotting shooting stars in the sky.


You are currently drawing your strength from relaxed hours. So the activity you need most right now is to relax – just sit back and take a deep breath. If there is not much time for quiet breaks in everyday life, treat yourself to a bath or a soothing shower with a pampering peeling in the evening. While Capricorns are full of zeal and a sense of duty, now is perfectly fine and time to hit the pause button and slow down this week.


If anyone is energetic, it’s you! You regulate the stress without any problems and you are world champion: in keeping your balance. What can give you even more motivation is a spontaneous weekend trip. Grab your favorite person and get ready for an adventure in another city. But even as a solo traveller, you will gain new motivation and enjoy the atmosphere of your surroundings.


Head to the wellness resort, or transform your home into one. You’re feeling rather slowed down and sluggish. In order to get more power again, you should therefore allow yourself some rest. A few masks or nourishing creams will help you to regenerate. Just light a couple of candles, they’re a good way to switch off.


You are very persistent in the coming days. Fitness and exercise are made for you. A long walk or a hiit workout in the studio is good for your soul. You are powerful and ready to go beyond your athletic limits.


You feel what you need now and these are quiet activities. Too much hustle and bustle is not good now. Treating your body comes first, whether it’s your favorite dish or an extensive care routine in the bathroom. Mindfulness exercises and some yoga exercises are made for you.


You are an everyday hero this week! Mentally you are very confident, which you can use now to try yourself. How about a new sport? Maybe you are drawn to the boxing ring or have you always wanted to try your Pilates exercises in the water? Then it’s up to you now! Use your efficiency and your optimistic mood.


Sport and exercise attract you like a magnet. You’re into almost all sports right now: jogging with friends or cycling, dancing Zumba at home – it doesn’t matter. Everything is currently possible in your sports universe and inspires you equally.


You have a lot of thought power at the moment. Chess and games that challenge you mentally are therefore particularly suitable for the next few days. Invite some friends over for a game night and show them what you’re capable of.


This time you don’t have to pay anything for your beauty treatment, it comes free from the stars. You are at peace with yourself and go through the day with a smile on your face. This joy will help you in team sports – fellow players will definitely be happy if you are present in sports such as handball or football. Team power is announced!


A power boost comes from the planet Mars. Outdoor sprints and parkour routes are for you. Wind and weatherproof, you face every challenge. You set new records and have more confidence than you think.


Everyday life demands a lot from you again. But you stay cool and master the tasks effortlessly. However, be aware that moments when you can switch off are important. Interval training this week can help you stay balanced. Sports such as swimming or walking are well suited for this.


Painting ceramics, a pottery set for the home, tinkering with DIY videos – you want to try yourself in the coming time and are interested in new experiences. Be confident and follow your interests. Sport isn’t on your mind right now, but there are lots of creative ideas for planning your free time.

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Source: Brigitte

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