In 2002, Ronaldo tried to get rid of a boring news story in an original way: he shaved his head, leaving a bunch of short hair on the front of his head. However, injuries continued to fall on the footballer one after another, which, however, did not prevent him from becoming the best player of the decade.

For his amazing technique, the central striker received the nickname Phenomenon in his homeland, but in the world press he was dubbed the Zubastik. At the same time, people who are far from football often confuse the athlete with his Portuguese colleague Cristiano Ronaldo, a handsome man who once won Irina Shayk. And although the Brazilian did not conquer the Russian woman, models also found a place in the list of his lovers. September 22, Ronaldo turns 46, and we talk about his achievements in his career and personal life.

Brighter than Pele

In fact, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was born on September 18, but his parents registered him only four days later, so it turned out that, according to the documents, the athlete should celebrate his holiday today. The family lived in a poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro, but Ronaldo, who at that time was called Dadado at home because of the funny pronunciation of his younger brother, knew from the age of eight that he would become famous: it was then that he was presented with the first ball.

At 12, the boy already played for the Valqueire club, and then for San Cristovan. Soon the teenager was noticed by football agents, and in 1993 he got into the first professional team, Cruzeiro. During the year, the young man scored 57 goals, attracting the attention of the entire European community.

After the eighth grade, the guy had to leave school: sports took up all his time. But at 17, Ronaldo made a brilliant debut in the national team, even Pele himself admitted that his first match was not so bright. Many teams dreamed of getting the young world champion: the Dutch Eindhoven paid seven million dollars for the transfer, Barca forked out for 13, and Inter lured the striker for a record 20.5 million.

Everywhere, the athlete became the top scorer, for which he received a contract with Nike. In 1997, Ronaldo also received the Golden Ball, although a year before that he had faced a serious problem: pain in his knee. Physiotherapy helped, so the striker was able to achieve the title of best field player in the 1998 World Cup.

The following season, everything started well, but the footballer still needed an operation on the meniscus. Soon he fell unsuccessfully on the field, breaking his leg, so a new surgical intervention was required. The recovery took a year, so the right to participate in the next World Cup, Ronaldo had to be achieved with great difficulty.

As a result, he became the top scorer of the 2002 championship, after which he moved to Real Madrid, where he showed excellent results, except for the moments when he fell ill with the flu and received another injury. The next two seasons turned out to be unsuccessful, especially since just then the football player began to have problems with being overweight.

Career decline

When the coach changed in the team, Ronaldo’s position at Real Madrid became precarious. Due to a conflict with the strict Fabio Capello, the striker moved to Milan, where he played with varying degrees of success, again due to old and new injuries. When the 30-year-old tore the ligaments in his left knee against Livorno, he could well have ended his career. However, the striker decided to fight, so in 2009 he signed a contract with Corinthians.

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Ronaldo pleased the fans with his game until June 7, 2011: it was then that Zubastik’s farewell match for the Brazilian national team took place. As the footballer admitted, he would like to continue his career with his head, but his body refuses.

Leaving the field, the football player opened his own agency office, the first client of which was his fan Neymar. Soon Zubastik headed the organizing committee for preparing Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. It is symbolic that when Miroslav Klose broke the Brazilian record in the semifinals, Ronaldo himself was the commentator.

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In 2018, Zubastik bought a 51% stake in Real Valladolid, becoming the owner and president of the team. Well, last year the sentimental Brazilian bought for $70 million a 90% stake in Cruzeiro, his first club.

Actresses and models

From his youth, the Brazilian gained not only the status of a phenomenal player, but also a womanizer. It seems that Ronaldo was happy to confirm the gossip: he told the press that for six years he had sex for two hours before each match.

Anna Kournikova was included in the lists of his love victories: once the paparazzi captured embracing athletes in Paris. Whether it was a friendly impulse, a fleeting affair, or a completely serious romance, remained a mystery. As well as the reasons for Ronaldo’s breakup with manager Frank Arnesen’s girlfriend, according to rumors, a terrible scandal arose.

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Everything changed when the football player met Suzanne Werner. Together with the actress, the athlete starred in a soap opera, but most importantly, he settled in Milan. The lovers were inseparable, and when the football player had to go to the 1998 World Cup, he sat for hours in front of the computer, chatting with Susanna via video link. It seems that such communication was not enough for Werner, because she openly flirted with reporter Pedro Bial in the absence of the chosen one. Soon the couple broke up, and almost no one doubted that on the basis of jealousy.

Our hero did not stay alone for long. He saw football player Milena Dominguez on TV and was so amazed at her game that he decided to meet his colleague personally. In April 1999, the relationship resulted in a rather modest wedding in Rio: the scorer spent only eight thousand euros on the celebration. Exactly one year later, the couple had a son, Ronald, and the star dad plunged into family chores.

True, not for long, because Ronaldo returned to the field. This undermined the relationship of the spouses: Milena could not move from Italy to Spain, where her husband then played, and she was extremely lonely alone with the baby. Perhaps Dominguez was annoyed by the nickname that the press gave her – Ronaldinha …

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In any case, in 2001, Ronaldo was already talking about a divorce with might and main, and in 2003 he carried out his plan and went all out: the Western media kept writing about his affairs with porn actresses and frivolous young models. The football player wanted to settle down only in 2005, when he fell in love with TV presenter Daniela Sicarelli.

This time, Ronaldo forked out $ 900 thousand for the wedding: the celebration took place in the Chantilly castle near Paris. In addition, the enamored Zubastik made a tattoo on his wrist in honor of the chosen one, which he had not done before for the sake of other girls. Unfortunately, the beautiful fairy tale ended 86 days after the ceremony – the actress and model had a miscarriage, and the couple could not survive this drama.

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To cope with depression, Ronaldo was helped by his mother who came to him, and also … new novels. So, the footballer was noticed in the company of the Italian porn actress Aksen, and then with the model Raika Oliveira.


In 2006, the Brazilian Don Juan was stunned by Maria Beatriz Antoni, who previously worked as an engineer. In 2008, the wife gave the football player a daughter, Maria Sofia, and two years later, baby Maria Alisa was born. The family idyll was spoiled by a scandal that broke out in December 2010: the waitress Michelle, with whom the athlete slept in Tokyo in 2004, managed to prove in court that her son Alexander was from Ronaldo. Shortly after the hype, the scorer admitted to having had a vasectomy. “My son has become a part of my life and our family has become even bigger. But now it’s enough, I decided to close the “factory,” commented the striker.

A loud scandal influenced, or the rumors about Ronaldo’s betrayals were true, but in 2012 the couple divorced. The football player continues to communicate with all his children, and he does not forget about matters of the heart: in the last couple of years, the athlete who has completed his career has been dating model Selina Locks.

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In the spring of 2021, Locks excited the public with the announcement of her pregnancy, because given the vasectomy, this is unlikely. An explanation was found: the Brazilian mentioned that he had frozen his spermatozoa … True, there were no reports of childbirth, which means that either the blonde suffered a miscarriage, or no child existed. In any case, the lovers are still together, as evidenced by the August pictures of the couple from their holiday in Spain. Perhaps Ronaldo will decide on a new marriage?

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